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koala bear project

No description

Zeynep Cekic

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of koala bear project

Koala bears By: Zeynep class 6-1 ms.Sakura now time for some pictures koala facts koala fact Did you know that a koala bears fur looks so soft but its not. A koala bears fur is quite rough (hard). koala facts koala bears arn't really bears. Infact thir
not even related to the bear family. The koala
is from the wombat, kangaroo, ect family(they are mostly form the wombat family).Their in the wombat family because of
how they have pouches like them. Koala fact The classifications of a koala bear The scientific name
for a koala is phascolarctos cinereus The koalas natural habitat The koala live in Australia. The koalas environment
needs to have eucalyptus trees. The koala bears need eucalyptus trees because it in their diet. The koala bears are becoming extinct in some parts of Australia because they are cutting down the eucalyptus trees to make houses, factories, roads, etc. Koalas are 70 - 90cm long. The
weight of a koala bear is 4-9kg. koala facts Did you know various aboriginals had many names for the koala bear. These
include Colo, Koolah,
Boorabee, Karbor,
Koala, and Koolewong. kingdom: Animalia
phylum: Chordata
class: Mammalia
order: Diprotodontia
family: Phascolarctidae
genus: Phascolarctos
species: Phascolarctos cinereus The physical characteristics of a
koala bear The reproduction and life
cycle of a koala koala fact The predators and preys of koalas the reproduction and life cycle of a koala koala facts The male koalas rub their chest on a tree.
The scent from this shows other male koalas
that to keep away. The fights between male
koalas during mating season is quit vicious. koala fact There are muscles in a mother koalas pouch.
When it wants to close its pouch it just squeezes
its muscles. So this way its baby is warm and wont
fall out Did you know that when Europeans came to Australia they thought koalas looked like bears. So this is where the name "Koala Bear'' came from. Koala bear Koalas are herbivores and since they
are herbivores they are not predators.
However they do have preys.
These include dingos, dogs foxes,
cats, ect. Some birds like the
eagle will kill and eat baby koalas. What dose the koala look like? The koala has a light to dark grey color fur and a cream color tummy. They have small eyes and big ears and a large oval-shaped black nose. What are the adaptations of a koala? eucalyptus leaves don't have much nutrition and have lots of toxic but koalas still like them. Koalas have to eat at least more than a kilogram of leaves per day How many times dose a koala breed in a year? once. How does
a koala breed? the koala breeds between February and August.35
days after they breed, the tiny, blind, hairless "Joe" comes along.
A Joe ( baby koala) feed on mothers milk from 6-7 months
How long is a koalas life span? a koalas can live up to 18 years
of age. What is the koalas life cycle? The koalas life cycle is koalas
are born early, Then finish growing in the mother pouch. After the
baby is born they slowly find their way to the moms pouch.
When the Joe is 6-7 months old they eat some kind of food
called "pap" instead of the moms milk koala facts Did you know a baby koala cant hear or see
when they are born. Or that the baby koala
stays in the moms pouch for 7 months. And that
the mom koala carry's the koala on her back until the
baby koala is 1 years old. koala facts Did you know that koalas spend up to 20 hours
sleeping! The last 4 hours they use it for eating! :) HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT! :) Did you know that a koalas scientific name (phascolarctos cinereuse) means furry, pouched, gray bear in Latin open the song for back round music! ( if you want)
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