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A case study for a student with learning disabilities

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on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of A case study for a student with learning disabilities

A case study for a student with learning disability.

present by: Saud Alshammari

Student's information
- the student was diagnosed with having reading disability two years ago.
- the student has shown remarkable progress in recent months.

- . In this case study, I will give an overview of the student’s family and educational background, , and the services and goals that are in place for this student.

(count )
- Mark was only ten years old he was diagnosed with reading disability.

- The teachers describe Mark he as a student who suffered from Coding and phonics.
7 ways to encourage the student to read.
1- develop IEP include short and long
term objectives.
2- Read Aloud.

3- Expand Your Definition of Reading.

4- Pair Books with Activities.

5- Get Caught Reading.

6- Let the student Choose

7- Start a Book Club.
Materials and Techonolgy that inrich student learning and achievement
1- Integrating technology into the classroom increases participation in students.

2- Technology is more engaging for students when they are using the technology
3- Technology can be integrated into any subject.
Student's background
- The student is in a seven grade.
- Male and his name is Mark.

- Currently, Mark is 12 years-old.
- Student at a private school.

-only child and lives with both his mother and father.
- His mother speaks English Language and his father
speaks Arabic and English language.

- Mark has no experience outstanding life such as divorce or death in his family.
- Mark's mother is very proactive role in advocating for her son.
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