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Leaving a Job

No description

Camille Beyer

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of Leaving a Job

Recruiting Agency
Acts as a middle-man between an organization that is looking to employ someone and an individual who is looking for job.
ex: spherion
Recruitment agencies have established a good relationship
Recruiters are hard workers
Recruitment agencies will save you time
Cost of hiring
Misrepresentation: There is the possibility that a recruitment agency can misrepresent your organization.
Leaving a Job
How to Write a Resignation Letter
How much notice should you give an employer?
employed from one month to two years: one or two weeks
employed for 2+ years: one week for each complete year (up to 12 weeks)
Do not leave with anything less than one or two weeks
Don't give a notice that's longer than 3 months
The higher up you are the longer it may take to leave (you might have to train the next person coming in)
Ethical ways to leave a job
Why Leave-
choose your timing and how to structure exit
ethical reasons to leave might have to do with dealing within your department or larger company issues.
if business engages in dishonest practices in order to inflate profits
When to leave-
no matter why you've decided to leave your company, there are ethical concerns about timing your resignation
ethical way to resign would be to give notice 6 weeks to several months.
resignations should be submitted in writing and specifying your last day
How to leave-
should outline a transition plan that ensures continuity in completing open projects and meeting regular responsibilities.

Bad Example
Good Example
Turning in your notice will depend on how long you've worked at your company
Extra tips
Resignation Letter Template
If you're staying longer be discrete in who you tell
Always tell your manager or superior first
Stick to one reason why your leaving if you decide to tell others
When leaving it's your responsibility to tie up loose ends (it helps make the transition smooth)
Leave with a appreciative mindset
Do not vent feelings or frustrations
Legal ways to leave your job
What is a Recruiter?
A person whose job is to enlist or enroll people as employees, in the armed forces, or as members of an organization
The best recruiters come to college campus events
They offer internships
They are well informed about current job openings
They bring information to help you start your professional career, even if you have little to no work experience
They might not have time to call back candidates who didn't make the cut
Sometimes they lie to recent college graduates about why they didn't get the job
Sometimes they fail to thoroughly review an applicant's information to see if they are a right fit for a job opening
Make sure you are not an at- will employee (as long as you are not you don't need to give notice or a reason for quitting)
review agreement papers you signed before doing or saying anything
don't talk to co- workers beforehand for they may say something to your boss
have a face- to- face conversation with your boss
be direct but diplomatic when talking about your reason
follow up said conversation with a formal letter
be prepared for a counteroffer
give sufficient notice so they can be ready
abide by professional code of conduct
return anything that is the company's property
give sufficient notice so they can be ready
abide by professional code of conduct
NEVER trash talk you boss and employes for they may not be nice when you ask for them to be your reference for the next job
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