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323-Multilateral Environmental Agreeements

No description

Shannon Gibson

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of 323-Multilateral Environmental Agreeements

Multilateral Environmental Agreements
....Fix 'em or Nix 'em???

Shannon Gibson, Ph.D.
University of Southern California
State of the Global MEA System
hundreds of agreements
multiple IGOs / Conventions
issue specific
lack of coordination
......WHAT ELSE?
Rio+ 20: 3rd Conference on Sustainable Development
Proposals for Alternatives
Sufficient Redundancies
Multiple forums
Civil Society Participation
Flexibility for Secretariats
State Engagement
Space for norm creation/diffusion
Expand UNEP
Innovative Institutional Forms
World Environmental
Conference Themes:
Global Green Economy
Institutions for Sustainable Development
"Too often the issue on the table was, “should we build this dam and how high should it be?” rather than “among the various alternatives, including this dam, how should we achieve the water, energy, development, and environmental goals set by the responsible authorities?” (Bissell: 162)
Assessing the progress and implementation gaps in meeting previous commitments.
Addressing new and emerging challenges.
Securing renewed political commitment

for sustainable development.
10-day summit
3 day high level segment (88 attend)
large civil society outside
mixed reviews

What did Najam say were the 2 issues in the development of the MEA system?
Pros Cons
Greening Aid
Overall Trends
is increasing
limited sectors
concentration of donors & recepients
often not "new"
often with conditionalities attached
Radical Changes / Decommissioning
Rio +20 Outcomes

The Future we Want
Little progress on Green Economy
Decision to expand, but not elevate, UNEP
Non-binding commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies
Process to adopt Sustainable Development Goals by 2015
What / who is the biggest culprit here? How do we move forward?
The United States
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