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No description

Lacie Westcott

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Evidence-Based


Rounding for Outcomes
"The #1 action to drive employee satisfaction is rounding for outcomes." ~Quint Studer
Rounding for Outcomes
Increases employee satisfaction, loyalty, engagement and retention.
Attracts and retains high performing employees.
Allows leaders to know, and act upon, what employees really want and need.
Employees Want...
"39% of employees leave an organization because they have a poor relationship with their supervisor." ~Quint Studer
-a leader who cares about and values them;
-systems that work;
-tools and equipment to do their jobs well;
-recognized and rewarded for a good job;
-opportunities for development;
Rounding is Simple
"Recognized, and rewarded, behavior gets repeated." ~Quint Studer
-make a personal connection
-what is going well?
-recognition (including providers)
-tools and equipment to do their jobs well;
-what can we do better?
-do NOT want to work with low performers.
Types of Rounding
"People hear too much about what they
can't do instead of what they can do. Make
it a point to notice what's right, not what's wrong." ~Mr. Fry, Quint's 6th Grade Teacher
-Internal Customer
-Fellow Leaders
My Rounding
"At a small hospital, there is really no such thing as 'it's not my job'. You just do it. Excuses don't exist at great organizations." ~Quint Studer
Electronic Rounding Database
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