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Archery Lesson Plan

RPL November 15, 2012

Kolina Lundquist

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Archery Lesson Plan

Lets go shoot your bow
RPL 2012
*To safely and accuratley shoot a bow
*Learning the history and techniques of Archery
*Apply archery to life
*Teach to a group of elementary kids in 20 minutes
STEP 1- INTRODUCTION-(5 minutes)
There will be 4 Stations
(Each Station will be in 5 -7 minute Rotations)

Station1: Parts & Types of the bow
Station 2: History, and vocab of Archery
Station 3: Targets practice
Station 4-Progressions of shooting
Archery Lesson

Before moving into Groups,
show video

*Video is 2 minutes, for the other 3 minutes students will be told safety insturctions
*Station 1 is set up with a home made bow that is not put together. Each part of the bow has a magenet on it with cards that have the name of the part. Students will match the name on the card to the parts on the bow. Their are also cards to match the types of bows to each other.

*If students are done early, the teacher will have quiz questions about archery on the board they can answer
-A Prezi presentation that gives the students and instructor necessary information about the archery lesson

-Various handouts that will help identify different terms of archery.

-The bows, arrows, and targets that are needed for the participation activity.

-Rubber bands
-PVC pipe
-Self- adhesive tape
-Popsicle sticks
-Wooden dowels
-Flash cards
1. History of Archery
2. Types of bows
3. Shooting a bow
*Each student will be equipped with a bow, or be able to use one in a group

*Each student will recieve a sheet of safety tips, read these to the class BEFORE moving on . Also letting them know how the stations will Rotate

*Have 4 Stations set up- prior to lesson
(have at worksheets and tally sheets set up at each station as well as the targets in place for stations 3 & 4)

*tape instruction sheets to the table for students

*when tally sheets are passed out have each student draw two circles to record their shots

*Go over Safety and show the video before moving into groups and stations
*Don't forget to take your worksheets home and return them to your teacher tomorrow if you did not finish them in class.

Google. (n.d.). Google. Retrieved November 4, 2012, from http://www.google.com/search?num=10&hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1360&bih=596&q=archery&oq=archery&gs_l=img.3...1054.1947.0.2080.
Brave "The Prize" Trailer - YouTube. (n.d.). YouTube. Retrieved November 4, 2012, from
Lesson Plan presentation
Kolina Lundquist & Corrin O'Neil
Station 2:
*Station 2 is where students will sit at the table and work on the archery related worksheets, once again if done early work on quiz quesitons on board
Station 3:
Station 3 is target practice each group of 6 will take turns having 2 students shoot targets 3 times each, with the homemade bow at a .
NO student may move to station 4 with out first competing station 3.
Station 4:
Station 4 is Progression it will show the student how the arrow flies differently when shot at further distances. Use the school provided bows having the distances marked off with tape. Only one student must shoot at a time, again 3 times per student once at each progression state.
1500s, t., bow, t. p., London, n. p., competition, i. o., & 1583., i. (n.d.). History of Archery - A Brief History of Olympic Archery. Olympics - Your Guide to the London Olympics. Retrieved November 12, 2012, from http://olympics.about.com/lw/Sports-Recreation/Amateur-sports/Archery-An-Illustrated-History.htm
Station 1:
Archery has been around since 2800 b.c. the Egyptians created the first 'composite bow" they used wood and animal horn and the string may have been made out of sheep intestines

Archery has been used for many years are military weapons since 1300's by the English and the Scottish

Robin Hood used a bow to feed the poor

William Tell led the Swiss to rule over Austria with his bow

The Native Americans used their bows and arrows to fend off starvation and used them for protection

Archery started in the olympics in the 1900s

Today many people shoot bow and arrow for recreation and also to feed their families
What is a compound bow? A compound bow is a modern bow that uses a levering system, usually of cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs.
What is a Cross Bow? A crossbow is a modified bow and arrow system. Invented by the Chinese as early as 6 B.C. for military use, it did not become popular in Europe until over a thousand years later. The crossbow has a bow attached to a stock, allowing it to remain loaded when not in use. A lever attached to the stock aides in the loading of the crossbow. When the lever is released, the arrow, or bolt, will fire.
What is a Recurve bow? a bow with the tips curving away from the archer. The curves straighten out as the bow is drawn and the return of the tip to its curved state after release of the arrow adds extra velocity to the arrow
Homeschool Journeys — Sharing our journeys and resources with you…. (n.d.). Homeschool Journeys — Sharing our journeys and resources with you…. Retrieved November 13, 2012, from http://homeschooljourneys.com
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