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Complete Sentences, Fragments, and Run-On Sentences

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Emily K

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Complete Sentences, Fragments, and Run-On Sentences

Sometimes... we write TOO MUCH in one sentence!

The sentence has too many subjects, verbs, and complete thoughts :( :( :(

Example: A cat jumped on a tree and then it fell but it landed on its feet because it is smart and my mom is smart so she went to college but she did not fall out of a tree.

Can you think of another run-on sentence?
Run-On Sentence
A Complete Sentence MUST have:
Sometimes... we do not write complete sentences.

The sentence is missing a.... SUBJECT

Example: The cat.
up the tree.

What's another fragment?
1. Subject: (Who?)
2. Verb: (What do?)
3. Where: (Place)
4. When: (Time)
3. Complete Thought: (make sure the sentence makes sense!)

Example: Yesterday, the cat ran up the tree.
What's another complete sentence?
She TV.

She watches TV.

She watches TV everyday her mom gets mad at her and she goes to the store with her mom.
Which sentence is it?
The blanket feels soft it was $8.00 and my mom gave it to me for my birthday.

Blanket soft birthday.

The blanket feels soft. It cost $8.00. My mom gave it to me for my birthday.
Which sentence is it?
I love snow days!

I love snow days and I slept all day and I watched TV because TV is cool and my sister played in the snow.

Love snow day.
Which sentence is it?
Complete Sentences, Fragments, and Run-On Sentences
Let's Practice Together!!
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