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No description

Tiarah Hayes

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of PWS

Project PWS This is a short video explaining someone else's story about Prader Willi. Prader Willi syndrome is a congenitial disease. It affects many parts of the body. People with this condition tend to be obese. It is caused by a gene missing on either the male or female, but on most cases on the male's side. Some signs can be floppiness in the muscle tone as well as not being able to use some muscles. Patients don't usually have a parent who has Prader Willi. This is Rose. Rose is my baby cousin who was
born on March 16,2012 at landmark hospital in Woosocket, Rhode Island. Like the video she as well suffers with Prader Willi Syndrome. When Rose was in the hospital, she wasn't eating, so she had the doctors worried. A few months before Rose was born I was faced with a tradegy. I lost my brother, so all types of worries came to my head when the doctors didn't know what was wrong with her. It took ten days to figure out that she had Prader Willi. Quickly they placed a feeding tube in her to give her the right nutrients that she needed. About a month later, Rose was able to leave the hospital but with a G-tube implanted in her stomach to help her eat. She grew fast enough to go home. The picture on the right is at the March of Dimes walk for patients that were in the NICU(Intensive care unit for children).Orange used to be the color of Prader Willi but about a month ago it was changed to red. Three months Four months As time went by Rose kept on growing as a normal child would. She fought her way and now she is six months old and is now drinking out of a bottle and eating jar foods. She hasn't given up yet and never will because in her lifetime she will achieve greatness and follow her dreams just like we are doing right now. Many children are still suffering from Prader Willi and many other different syndromes. I will be placing Jars in each advisory to help raise money for Prader Willi, so that Rose can learn the difficulties of her syndrome . I will really appreciate loose change you guys have when you get back from the corner store or any money on you. Thanks :) 1. As an advisory come up with one thing you wish to change in the world. Sit with your advisory for this activity. 2. After you finish that write down how you are going to make that change. 3. After that, write down how are you going to make that change. Who are you going to talk to? What are you going to do?
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