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Fevisa Supply Chain

No description

Andres Garcia

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Fevisa Supply Chain

Fevisa Supply Chain
Open hours
Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm

Fevisa has an American Broker
Britton & Company | Customhouse Brokers
and Mexican Broker
Agencia aduanal Lares
to do the IMPORT/EXPORT process
Fevisa has dedicated carriers and they are C-TPAT Certified
(Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
With Fast Drivers (Free & Secure Trade to Expedite Border Crossing
Transportes Ramirez
Transportes Escoboza
Transportes Ramza
Transportes Mexicali

They are Domestic carriers

All the carriers have air suspension trailers

Between Fevisa and the other carriers we can have aprox. 200 loads per week
These carriers follow up the same procedures as Fevisa

All the drivers are mexican with the permits to make trips in USA

ABI requirements
Every Thursday ABI download the next week requirements from Budexchange
According those requirements we have to do the Shipment Schedule including Fevisa trailers and other dedicated carriers.

The shipment schedule includes date, material number, description, loads, pallets
and the carrier. All the trailers Fevisa use are inspected before we load it.
When we need a different carrier as Swift, Knight, Landstar etc. we have to confirm if they have trailers available. If they confirm they have, Fevisa has to pick them up in Calexico and cross them to Mexicali.

Once the trailer is loaded we process the BOL with the information of mtl.# , quantity, lot #, and seal.
Fevisa send the bol to the American and Mexican Brokers and the carrier.

The domestic carriers have to assign a driver who will PU the trailer in Fevisa to Cross the border by e-mail. Fevisa cross the trailers of the american carriers.

The American Broker send the manifest and the Mexican broker send the Pedimento to the carriers and also assign the time when the carrier can cross the border.
The driver assigned take the trailer in Fevisa and with the BOL he goes directly to the line to cross the border to USA.
If a different driver shows up , Fevisa don’t let the trailer to go out
Inside the custom the trailer need to wait until the green light is on so he can cross the border

If the yellow light is on, the paperwork will be revised by the customs personnel
If the red light is on means that the trailer will be unloaded to be inspected by Customs. The carrier notify Fevisa to be aware of the delay

American Broker
If the trailer was unloaded inside the American or Mexican Customs , we have to send it to the American broker to load it in the correct way to avoid any shifted load.
Then the Broker place the seal authorized by C-TPAT and stickers with the seal number.
Then Britton prints another bol with the seal corrected
At the end of the day Fevisa follow up with all the carriers to confirm the trailers cross on time.
Example of:
End of day report
American Customs also confirm the time the trailers cross the border
Fevisa send to each carrier the delivery schedule, this includes the time they need to deliver in Van Nuys, the bol, trailer number and material.

If Fevisa schedule a carrier as Swift, knight etc. we have to wait until the carrier have a driver available to make the trip, so normally we cant count with these carriers
The option we have with this kind of carriers is schedule them at least a week before to make sure the trailer will deliver

Each carrier has to send the name of the driver who will deliver the trailer and
the phone number
Fevisa has all day coverage to make sure the trailers deliver on time
Fevisa confirm the inventory at BSL every day to assure all the trailer scheduled are there.

Fevisa send to Biagi a Delivery schedule according Budexchange that includes transaction number, material number, the time to deliver and the trailer number.
Biagi deliver all the trailers to ABI
Biagi follow the Delivery schedule that Fevisa send. Biagi is also in contact to ABI pending for any change on the lines

Biagi received all the dunnage from ABI and Fevisa assign the trailer to load the dunnage back to Fevisa.

We have to send this load with the American broker to count all the pieces to make sure the paperwork is correct, once they confirm Fevisa send the paperwork to customs to cross the border
Fevisa confirm all the deliveries throught the Budexchange and with a Biagi report "Unloading log" to make sure all what was scheduled was delivered. Fevisa send a every week report to conciliate with LA.
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