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Bob Weekes

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of M4:U1:L6

Warm-up: Complete Writing Journal for Wednesday 5-16
• No Genetically modified seeds (Ch. 10)
• Natural fertilizers like compost, manure, and fish meal (Ch 10)
• Fossil fuels for pesticides, tractors, harvesting, drying and transporting (Ch. 10)

• Big monoculture farms (grow only one kind of fruit/vegetable) (Ch. 10)
• No petrochemical fertilizers; compost, manures, or fish meal, and/or flowers instead (Ch. 10)
• No chemical weed killers; plows and propane torches instead (Ch. 10)
• Harvested with large machines (Ch. 10)
• Chickens – NO antibiotics (Ch. 11)
• Chickens have a little more room to move around, free-range=access to grass, not

• Processing – using synthetics to add to the food and make it into something else OR cleaning/packaging produce (Ch. 10, 11)
• Large processing plants (Ch. 10)

• Food is transported via truck from farm to processing plant (Ch. 10)
• Food travels from processing plant to stores (Ch. 10)
• 4,600 calories of energy for 8 calories of lettuce (Ch. 10)
• Some organic fruits and veggies come via plane from other countries (Ch 11)

• Consumers get anything from a single organic apple to an organic TV dinner (Ch 11)
• Consumers feel better eating organic because the food does not contain pesticides or antibiotics
• Organic food may not actually be better for you (Ch. 11)

Pollution from fossil fuel used for farm machinery
• Pollution from fossil fuel used to transport food to/from processing plant (Ch. 11)
• Lifeless soil (Ch. 10, 11)

Read Chapter 12
Fill in Food Chain
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