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Persuasion in Media

No description

Tabitha Roper

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Persuasion in Media

Persuasion in the Media
There are 12 commonly used forms of persuasion found in the media that we encounter every day.
This type of ad makes the buyer feel like they will be ahead of the others if they use this product.
Uses the endorser's words
to ensure the public that
the product works
Magic Formula
This brand has found
the magic formula that
makes this product better
than all the rest
Implies that purchasing
this product shows your
love for your country
Good Image Projection
Positive words, images, and ideas used to express that the product is positive as well
Suggests that a product is a practical choice for the everyday person
Ordinary Folks
Snob Appeal
Would have the customer believe they become part of an elite group by using this product
Offers the consumer something "extra"
Suggests the consumer will be on the winning side. You can't be the only one without it.
Name Calling
uses words with negative connotations that would have us reject and condemn without examining the evidence
Glittering Generalities
uses virtuous words that would have the consumer accept and approve without examining the evidence
When it's thought to be rare, we want it more.
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