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Informational Text Characteristics

No description

Mr. B.

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Informational Text Characteristics

Characteristics of
Informational Text
(Non-Fiction Text)

informational text
is defined as a non-fiction text, written to share and explain factual (real) information.

allow the reader to identify the overall topic of the text and understand the main idea
allow the reader to identify specific topics and also divide the text into sections
allow the reader to locate information in the text by telling the reader where to look
Bold Print & Italics
Bold print and italics
are used to signal to the reader that a word or phrase is important or that the word is a vocabulary word that can be found in the glossary of the book or article
Charts, Tables, & Graphs
Charts, tables, and graphs
are used to organize large amounts of information into a small space
They also summarize and compare information
Illustrations & Captions
help the reader to understand the information in a visual way
also help the reader understand ideas that were unclear in the text
are used to explain the illustrations
Definition of
Informational Text

Some characteristics of informational texts include...
Titles, Headings, & Subheadings
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