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Phonics Staff Meeting

No description

Coten End Primary School

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Phonics Staff Meeting

Phonics at Coten End Any Questions? Daily Phonics Lessons Every morning for 20 minutes
Letters and Sounds, with some Jolly Phonics
Separated into 6 Phases from pre-school to Year 2
Teach phonetic decoding and tricky words Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 Started in pre-school settings, continues right through
Environmental sound awareness
Distinguishing between different sounds
Orally blend and segment phonemes (units of sound) Starts in Reception
Blending for reading
Segmenting for spelling
CVC words - c-a-t, b-e-d
Begin to learn that words are constructed from phonemes and these are represented by graphemes
Learn to add 'sound buttons' 12 weeks in Reception
By the end will have one way of writing every sound they come across
Still CVC words, but with digraphs and trigraphs e.g ch-i-p, c-oi-n, n-igh-t
OK to get it wrong! As long as phonetically plausible. w-e-n-t End of Reception into Year 1
No new graphemes or phonemes, just consolidation of those already learned.
Adjacent consonants, e.g c-l-ear,
Words with more than one syllable Begins October of Year 1
New graphemes for reading and writing
Alternative pronunciations, e.g
Very tricky! Spelling may go downhill.
Revised in first half term of Year 2.
Assessed in Year 1 Screening Check. a hat acorn fast was (Support for Spelling)
Throughout Year 2
Moving from phonic decoding to fluent reading
Become increasingly accurate with spelling patterns
Practice using all the graphemes learned A quick quiz! A knowledge and understanding of phonics is needed in every year group. Many staff have expressed concerns regarding their own knowledge and confidence in this area.

What are your questions, thoughts and worries? Correct pronunciation of phonemes is really important Another quiz! How many phonemes in these words? spreading spoilt framed spreading spoilt framed What resources and games are available?
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