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Surviving Hitler

No description

Laura Cody

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Surviving Hitler

Surviving Hitler
By: Andrea Warren
Prezi By: Ellen Meixner
Jack Mandlebaum
Uncle Sigmund
Uncle Sigmund
Jack Mandlebaum
Thank You
For Watching
Jaw Dropping
I recommend this book to boys and girls ages 12 to 112
Powerful -ALA Booklist
Compelling testimony to the Holocaust and an involving survival. -The Horn Book
You have to read this amazing book. -Bryan
Concentration camp
Adolf Hitler
Thirteen year-old Jack Mandelbaum lives in Gdynia, Poland with his dad mom brother and sister. They lived a comfortable lifestyle. When word came that the Nazi's were coming, Jack's dad sent his family to live with their grandfather. Once they lived there awhile, Jack woke up one morning and saw the Nazi troops invading their town.
After working for 2 years to support his family, Jack is fifteen. When they were captured by the Nazi's, Jack got sent to a different camp than his family. When Jack first arrived at the camp, he had no clue what to do. Jack met a friend, Aaron, who helped him survive because he had been in the camp for 3 years. Over the next three years, Jack got sent to four different camps.
Jack met another man named Moniek. They became very good friends. Through the years Jack went through starvation, head lice, beatings and typhus. One day they woke up and the guards had gone. The war was over! When he went to the camps, Jack was 112 pounds and when he got out, he was 18 years old and weighed only 80 pounds.
Before the war, Jack had 80 people in his immediate and extended family. After the war, only 5 were left. His dad, mom, brother, and sister all died. Now he lives in Kansas and often visits schools to tell about his experience.
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