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Pyramids Leila

No description

guildford public

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Pyramids Leila

How Were The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Built?
What are the Pyramids?
There are about eighty pyramids that were built in Egypt that are known to man. We all want to know how and why the pyramids were built ,so why don't we find out?
Why Were The Pyramids Built?
Well, it was noted on Khufu's papyrus that the pyramid's were used as tombs for the pharaoh's and his queens. They would bring any jewelry, gold, diamonds and rubies that they thought were necessary for the afterlife.

After a while the tombs were filled up by the servants of the pharaohs and the queens.
Who Built The Pyramids?
The pyramids were built in around twenty years. During that time hundreds of men everyday built the pyramids. Unlike shown in movies, scientific studies show that the workers were fed, clothed and had breaks in between the working period.

Many farmers built the pyramids while their crops were under water, due to erosion and high tide.
What are the Pyramids made of?
The pyramids are built from ramps of mud-brick, limestone chips and there was also clay involved.

The pyramids construction materials mainly consisted of limestone as the brick of the pyramid, mud-brick for the edges and clay on top of the bricks to keep it held together.
What Does It Look Like Inside The Pyramids?

Inside the pyramids there is a mortuary where the Pharaohs will be worshipped after they have travelled to the afterlife.
There is also a causeway leading to the valley temple.
There are lots of traps set in the pyramids for robbers who wanted to steal the gold and treasures inside the pyramid. Today there is no gold and treasure left inside the pyramids.
The burial chamber is surrounded by traps and high up the pyramid.
By Leila Zraika 5/6 Lyrebird
Egyptian Facts
The Mayans and Egyptians both believed in the afterlife and they both buried the young alive if they were sick to travel to the after-world.

Ramses II ruled in the 19th dynasty of Egypt, he ruled for 69 years. Ramses was a peace maker and had the second largest pyramid. Egyptian scrolls show at he found out that someone was going to take his throne and he murdered every boy in all of Egypt to make sure that his throne would not be stolen.
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