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Televele Media Education Association

No description

Krisztina Nagy

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Televele Media Education Association

Televele Media Education Association
Literacy -
Media Literacy (2010-2011)
30 lessons in three schools with 9-year old students
12 parents' evenings

Main topics:
language of the media and film

relations between written and multimedia texts

creating cartoons

Media Education in kindergarten -
Roma Integration Project

14 lessons in kindergarten
children of 5-6

offering play frame to elaboration of the media experiences through
drawing, role-playing, moving

to improve observational skills

established in 2009

improve media literacy of young children

media education in strong connection with the education of democratic value

British, German models
Magazine for children

Televele Series in Szitakötő

freedom of the press
freedom of the expression

Five Ws
serious - boulevard
the reliability and credibility of the news

Improving educational material
Media Literacy and Civic Educational Program (2011-2012)


putting ideas about media in use for kindergarten teachers and teachers to improve Media Literacy in kindergarten and in primary school

6-6 lessons
(lesson plans, multimedia tools, methodology background)

Media Literacy projects in kindergarten and in primary school

Improving educational materials

Teacher training

Articles for children

Web page, networking
Teacher training
Moped in Activity

intensive course
own Media Literacy lessons
improving attitude and skills
curriculum resources for three age groups
Newspaper world - lesson in kindergarten
Creating a Culture of Inquiry
Creating Critical Thinking
Creating Effective Communication
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