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Copy of Flexit International Case Study

No description

mohamed saadallah

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Flexit International Case Study

Flexit International Case Study
Problems related to the management:
Problems related to Flexit’s facilities:

1- Adding a second work shift was not enough to increase productivity.

2- No future plans to build new firms in Europe.

3- Manufacturing overlap between plants was not considered to cover any shortage or emergency situation.

Problems related to loss of European Market:
Future Plans:
Presented By:
Alaa Basyouni
Mohamed Abdel Raouf Mervet Boshra
Mahmoud Tohamy
Khalid Zaki
Short-term Actions:
1- Products should be tested again.

2- Increase the inventory of spare parts.

3- Arrangement with certified service center in Europe.

4- Outsourcing to cover the defects.

5- Assigning an emergency team.

6- Maintenance of the plants and the machines.

7- Do not continue a second shift at all the factory sites, but focus on the plants providing products.
Long-term Actions:
1- Establish an effective quality system.

2- Adopting a future plan for building new plants in Europe.

3- Training programs for the workers.

4- Establish service center for repair of guaranteed products and receiving customer complaints.

5- There should be available stock based on surveys and analysis of sales breakdown and customers feedbacks.
Best Alternative Strategy and Corrective Actions
1- Improper leadership and management.

2- No plan from the start on exporting to the European market.

3- No good research on European market needs.

4- No good plan to enter the European market.

5- No consultation of expert people in the European market.

6- No proper quality control program.

7- Great dependence on Physique ltd.

8- No good arrangement for the shipment in case of emergencies.

Problems related to defective products:
1- Products were not tested before
leaving the plants.

2- Lack of time to develop and test
the product.

3- There was a sudden rush for
aggressive penetration of the
European market.

1- Diminished sales and increased
inventory due to returned products.

2- Use of defective materials and
no spare parts.
The future European plan is to re introduce
the product into the European market but after making drastic changes in Flexit’s organogram, strategic, and operational planning that will take some time.

1- New research on the European market needs.

2- Proper advertisement and promotions for the sales.

3- Continuous surveys about the product quality and customers’ feedbacks.
Expert teams in international issues and trade.

4- Building new plant in Europe.

5- To assure the quality control program in the plants.

6- To concentrate on producing spare parts for all the products.

7- To give special attention for the production of digital thermometers and pregnancy tests as they are the vital few products in this situation as a result of study of sales breakdown.

8- To keep producing the other items as they are the useful products after making the required improvements.
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