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Clear Party

No description

Derek Greenaway

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Clear Party

Clear Party of BC If We Legalize Marijuana: Marijuana Issues Enbridge Pipeline 1. Call a referendum in BC. If the referendum passes we will legalize the possession of it (not selling it unless licensed) We would impose taxes on it so that the government can make money off the selling of marijuana(unlike now). 2. Create stores to buy it in (licensed dealers). 3. This in turn creates jobs for the people selling it and making it. 4. 5. It would be illegal to possess marijuana if you are under the age of 18. 1. 3. 2. We are against it, but we will agree to it if; it was moved to a port that was more populated so that more jobs can be created where people actually are. We would also want 50 % of the profits. Alberta/Enbridge would have to cover all costs of repair. the money that we would gain from this would go toward education, health care, climate change, and homelessness, and if we are still making more money we will lower taxes. 3. Better Earthquake Preparations -Research into new ways of building houses so that they are safer in earthquakes.
-Develop programs to financially aid poor families who are renovating/changing their houses to one that is less susceptible to earthquakes. 2. Distribute brochures and ads to educate people about earthquakes and how to deal with them. Create a tax incentive for people buying earthquake kits. 4. Install emergency solar powered lights on street lamps. 5. Put food and water containers around the major cities, so that civilians can access it in an emergency. Revoke Bill-22 Increase funds for school boards. Make the maximum class size 25 students(with max. 3 IEP students) Make minimum class size 27. students( with max 1 IEP student). Better
Education let's take a look at one of the other groups... For The People Party Climate change Legalization of Marijuana Their plan; to try to help them integrate with society. How; Tax cuts for businesses hiring homeless people. Will it work? Homelessness DO YOU REALLY WANT TO VOTE FOR THIS PARTY? CLEARLY, YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR US! 1. drug addicts
just really bad at working. their
where’s the money going to come from ? By Doohyeun R., Kyle L., Derek G., Chase H., Toby B., Samuel F., Miles O., Justin Their plan; "stabilize climate change by giving incentives to people to carpool regularly and tax breaks towards environmental remodeling". may turn out to be pointless plan
->the earth is warming up so fast, this plan will barely do anything stop global warming.
->by 2040, the climate system is expected to become a runaway climate change. Once this happens, there is almost no way we can permanently stop climate change. ->Canada produces <2% of worldwide carbon emissions
->even if the entire country suddenly stopped emitting carbon gases, the change would probably not even register.
->this plan will have, at best, a symbolic meaning ...one that is unlikely to sway the opinions of the US and China(combines for 40+% of emissions). Their plan;
->decrease the severity of punishment against possession of weed
->and use the DEA resources saved to get other chemical substances off the streets and reduce the income of "big time" chemical drug dealers. However, they have inexplicably failed to mention the money that could be made from taxation on licensed dealers...
Do you think this means anything? NO! 1. 2. what all the smart business will do... hire homeless people for 1 month make them do the simplest and lowest-paying jobs 3. Get the tax cuts 4. (the most important step) fire them on excuses of being untidy, rude, etc. Although a few are hard-working people who simply got unlucky in their careers, the vast majority are incompetent people with real problems giving them jobs that may include public safety this is an absurd idea. Also, many homeless people are homeless for a reason. They could be... Our Goal to clearly set out the things we will fix if we are elected Legalize Marijuana. 1. 2. Prevent the building of the Enbridge Pipeline unless Alberta agrees to our (high) demands. 3. Increase earthquake preparations around the provience. 4. Improve our educational system This shows that Vancouver has a high risk of experiencing a massive earthquake in the near future. compared to our party, some of the other parties show a deplorable lack of foresight, and if elected could easily result in disasterous and wasteful practices. They FAIL to mention How they plan to pay for this tax incentive.
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