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father and son

written by : Bernard Maclaverty

Randy Eisler

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of father and son

Father And Son Written by:
Brenard Maclaverty Settings they live in Belfast in a violent neighbourhood It takes place a few years after the fathers wife dies
this storys conflict was man vs. himself because the father was
wanting to help his son but couldn't push himself to help him but it was also man vs. man because the son and father always fought and in the end the son was shot the time it happens is unclear Character and characterization the father and son are the main characters though they were not greatly detailed by the auther story was told in 1st person though there was more than one persons viewpoint in the story The theme of this story was to value your family while you have them and never let go because bad things can happen plot line exposition- the father and the son express their feelings for eachother rising action- the father and son keep on arguing climax- the son is shot falling action - father runs to his son resolution- the father is holding his son for the last time the end

by: Inna Rosin
Lieanne Urich
Randy Eisler
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