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Style Analysis : The Glass Castle.

No description

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Style Analysis : The Glass Castle.

Jeannette's parents, Rex and Rose Mary, take their kids to a sulfur hot spring in the desert. Since Jeannette can't swim her dad decides to throw her into the hot spring repeatedly, forcing her to sink or swim. Every time Jeannette would sink Rex would rescue her only to throw her back in. Once Jeannette realized this she wanted to get away from him, so she kicked and tried to move away which caused her to start swimming.
Earlier in the book Jeannette mentions how she was cooking and caught on fire. Considering how young she was she should have been supervised while she was cooking. This is just like the sink or swim incident, her dad should have taught Jeannette to swim in a safer way because she could have gotten really hurt. Jeanette's parents show carelessness and a lack of good judgement by truly endangering the life of their child on more than one occasion.
Style Analysis : The Glass Castle

By Meaghan DeVoe
period 7
This passage from the book shows that Rex's way of teaching Jeannette to swim was effective, but wasn't the best way to do it. There were more efficient and safer ways to teach her. Jeannette was very traumatized by the whole situation. She was upset with her entire family at first, but once she caught her breath she accepted that what just happened was "normal".
The style of writing in this passage is vivid and explicit. Jeannette writes in such detail and uses so much imagery that the reader can visualize her experience.
"Water surged into my nose and mouth and down my throat. My lungs burned. My eyes were open, the sulfur stinging them, but the water was dark and my hair was wrapped around my face and i couldn't see anything" (p.66).
Jeannette Walls creates the tone of anger then she follows it by acceptance in this passage.
"Dad came out of the water, too, and tired to hug me, but I wouldn't have anything to do with him, or mom, who'd been floating on her back as if nothing were happening, or with Brian and Lori, who gathered around me congratulating me" (p66).
" Once I got my breath back, I figured he must be right. There was no other way to explain it" (p66).
Jeannette sets a mood amongst the readers of either sympathy or empathy.
Sympathy because as a kid my dad never taught me how to swim like Jeannette was taught.
Empathy because some people can relate to passage from the book.
Does this passage provoke sympathy or empathy in you?
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