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terri ratini

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Integrity

Active Application of Knowledge

-Encourages inquiry
-Promotes critical and analytical thinking
-Inspires innovation and creativity
-Extends communication skills
-Integrates learning across disciplines
-Connects learning to life
-Engages in learning, unlearning, relearning
Understanding of Pedagogy
-Makes sound curricular choices
-Establishes both long and short term goals
-Utilizes multiple paths to knowledge
-Demonstrates preparedness and organization
-Aligns assessment with instruction
Knowledge of Subject Matter
-Demonstrates a deep and broad understanding of content
-Possesses conceptual understanding
-Understands vertical alignment and insures students have the prerequisite skills for future education
Comprehensive Faculty Excellence Model
-Serves as a positive role model
-Demonstrates trustworthiness and professionalism
-Exhibits diligence and adaptability
-Understands and accepts responsibility
-Mentors and inspires colleagues
-Communicates clearly and respectfully
The Art of Teaching
-Designs intellectually stimulating lessons
-Conveys knowledge in a meaningful and effective manner
-Demonstrates flexibility and adapts instruction when necessary
-Models appropriate discourse and questioning
A Growth Mindset
-Embraces risk taking and exhibits resiliency
-Accepts the challenges of providing a rigorous curriculum
-Inspires students to achieve goals
-Motivates students to fulfill their intellectual curiosity and to develop the capacity to change and grow

Relational Awareness and Appreciation
-Knows and respects students as individuals and as learners
-Fosters students' character development and acts as an advisor
-Creates authentic opportunities for students to serve as leaders
-Recognizes families as partners
-Collaborates with colleagues
-Serves as an ambassador for the school

The Habits of a Reflective Practitioner
-Seeks self awareness
-Adds to repertoire of lessons
-Pursues professional development based on current needs
-Strives to be a life-long learner
In suppport of Canterbury School's Mission Statement and its Portrait of a Graduate, the faculty will exhibit:
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