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Ukraine Presentation

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Vitaliy Gaida

on 23 August 2011

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Transcript of Ukraine Presentation

Lviv Kyiv Kharkiv Lutsk Dnieper River Luhansk Donetsk Odessa The city is regarded as one of the main cultural centres of today's Ukraine. Lviv was founded in 1256 by King Danylo Halytskyi, and named in honour of his son, Lev.

Population (2011) - 760,026
Area (city) - 182,010 km
The highest point is the Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle) - 409 m above sea level Lviv modern coat of arms Market square Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre St. George's Cathedral Lviv city hall Palace of Potocki family The front façade of the Lviv University, the oldest university in Ukraine. The Church of the Assumption. A Lviv tram on a small sett sidestreet in the Old Town. Lviv Polytechnic National University The capital and the largest city of Ukraine It is believed that Kiev was founded in 482 CE. The origin of the city is obscured by legends, one of which tells about a founding-family consisting of a Slavic tribe leader Kyi, his brothers Schek and Khoriv, and also their sister Lybid, who founded the city. According to it the name Kyiv/Kiev means to "belong to Kyi".

Population (2011) - 2,800,396
Area (city) - 839 km
One of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe Kyiv modern coat of arms Supreme Council of Ukraine Independence Square Downtown business district in Kiev National Bank of Ukraine Kiev National Opera House Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine The Cabinet of Ukraine
(also called the Cabinet of Ministers) The Saint Andrew's Church Large city in eastern Ukraine on the Kalmius river. The city was founded in 1869 by a Welsh businessman, John Hughes, who constructed a steel plant and several coal mines in the region. The town was named Yuzovka. In 1961, during the De-Stalinisation the city was renamed to it's modern name Donetsk after the Seversky Donets river.

Population (2009) - 977,257
Area (city) - 358 km
48.15% of the population describe themselves as Russians Donetsk modern coat of arms The reconstructed Cathedral Transfiguration of Jesus in Donetsk. One of the bridges The Kalmius River flows through Donetsk. Sailboats on the Kalmius river, with Donetsk's spoil tips in the background. Central Park Donbass arena Donbass Arena is a stadium with a natural grass pitch in Donetsk that opened on 29 August, 2009. The facility is located in the center of the city, in the Lenin Comsomol park. With a capacity of 50,000 spectators, the Stadium will host some matches in Euro 2012. It meets the requirements for a UEFA Elite 5-star Stadium rating. Donbass arena National Forest University of Ukraine National Forest University of Ukraine Olesko Castle Pidhirtsi Castle Goverla mountain Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle A major seaport located on the northwest shore of the Black Sea and the fourth largest city in Ukraine The predecessor of Odessa, a small Tatar settlement, was founded by Hacı I Giray, the Khan of Crimea, in 1240 and originally named after him as "Hacıbey". The city of Odessa was founded by a decree of the Empress Catherine the Great in 1794.

Population (2011) - 1.009,100
Area (city) - 236.9 km
In the 19 century it was the fourth largest city of Imperial Russia (after Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Warsaw). Odessa modern coat of arms Monument to the founders of Odessa Odessa City Hall Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. Odessa Art Museum The Odessa Main Railway Station Potemkin Stairs The first historical records of the castle are in a document dated 1390 It is located about seventy-five kilometers from Lviv The Olesko Castle, oval in shape, stands on top of a small hill, about fifty meters in height. Pidhirtsi Castle is a residential castle-fortress located in the village of Pidhirtsi Located eighty kilometers east of Lviv. It was constructed by Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan between 1635–1640 Hoverla mountain (2,061 m) is the highest mountain in Ukraine and part of the Carpathian Mountains. The mountain is located in the Eastern Beskides, in the so-called Chornohora region. The castle and its surrounding complex is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine Black Sea Sea of Azov The Black Sea is an inland sea bounded by Europe, Anatolia and the Caucasus and is ultimately connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and various straits. It is linked by the narrow (about 4 km) Strait of Kerch to the Black Sea. The Sea of Azov is the shallowest sea in the world with the depth varying between 0.9 metres and 14 metres. Swallow's Nest Main information about Ukraine Capital (and largest city) - Kiev
Ethnic groups:

Government - Unitary semi-presidential republic
President - Viktor Yanukovych
Independence day - August 24, 1991
Area - 603,628 km (largest country in Europe)
Population - 48,457,102
Currency - Hryvnia (UAH)
Time zone - EET (UTC+2) 77.8 % Ukrainian
17.3 % Russian
4.9 % others Independence Square National Bank of Ukraine 2 2 2 2 2
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