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20th Century Unit 4

No description

Kathleen Kastner

on 11 April 2018

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Transcript of 20th Century Unit 4

Century Music
Unit 4
The Beatles
Luciano Berio
The 1 9 6 0 's
Krzystof Penderecki
György Ligeti
Iannis Xenakis
The Rolling Stones
Elvis Presley
Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll
Beach Boys
George Crumb
Civil Rights Movement
Martin Luther King
Simon and Garfunkal
Protest Songs
Berlin Wall
Man on the Moon
Andy Warhol
John F. Kennedy
toward the end of the 20th century.......
Elliott Carter
Tan Dun
Jennifer Higdon
Bright Sheng
Shulamit Ran
Chen Yi
Augusta Read Thomas
John Corigliano
Joan Tower
Ellen Taaffe Zwillich
Tania León
Libby Larsen
philip glass
terry riley
steve reich
john adams
p E r F o r M A n c E
Holy Minimalism
Henryk Gorecki
Arvo Pärt
John Tavener
Philip Glass
Steve Reich
Terry Riley
Luciano Berio
Krzystof Penderecki
The Beatles
Gyorgy Ligeti
George Crumb
Elvis Presley
Iannis Xenakis
Martin Luther King
The Beach Boys
The Rolling Stones
John F. Kennedy
Motown: Diana Ross
& the Supremes
Andy Warhol
Simon & Garfunkle
Roy Lichtenstein
1969: Neil Armstrong: 1st man on the moon
1962: 007: 1st James Bond movie
John Adams
Laurie Anderson
Pillow Speaker
Home of the Brave
Henryk Gorecki
Arvo Pärt
John Tavener
Beatles: Ed Sullivan Show
February 9, 1964
Beach Boys: Surfin USA
March, 1964
Rolling Stones, 1964
The Supremes, 1965
The Supremes, 1966
Berio Sequenza V
Crumb: Voice of the Whale,
part 1
Berberian: Stripsody
Simon & Garfunkel, 1964
Beatles at Shea Stadium, 1965
The Piano Guys
Rockabilly: Carl Perkins
Memphis: Sun Studio (Sam Phillips)
Elvis Presley

Motown: Berry Gordy Jr.
The Supremes, Diana Ross

California Scene: The Beach Boys
The British Invasion:
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones

Simon & Garfunkel

Reich: Violin Phase
John Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine
Conversation with Elliott Carter
Last interview with
Elliott Carter - at 103!
Carter: Concerto for Orchestra, 1969
Philip Glass: Satyagraha
Act 1, Scene 1

John Adams:
Nixon in China
Minimalism: Frank Stella
Minimalism: Ellsworth Kelly
Minimalism: Sol LeWitt
Steve Reich
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