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Ms. Mertens's Class

No description

Gillian Mertens

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Ms. Mertens's Class

Ms. Mertens's Class
Classroom Guidelines for a Painless Year
Classroom Guidelines
(Or How Not To Get Lunch Detentions)

2. Be Prepared
2. Be prepared to learn by coming in with all your books and materials. If you don't have a pencil, borrow one from a kindly neighbor.
Do not steal!
3. Treat each person, object, and your surrounding environment with dignity and
Follow the school rules!
4. Follow all the procedures set by the school and the district.
5. The bell does not dismiss the class; the teacher dismisses the class.
I do not assign pointless things. Seriously.
1. Coming in to class
1. Be in your seat working on your bell work by the time the bell rings!

This allows Ms. Mertens to catch up students who weren't here, and allows you time to decompress from the thrills of walking the hallway.
When class is dismissed you will also leave with all the necessary books and materials.
Treat YOURSELF with respect.
You deserve it!
Keep the classroom safe.
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