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North and South Carolina

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of North and South Carolina

North and South Carolina.
By:Ella and Nia

Fun Facts
it turns out that north and south Carolina were once just Carolina , the two colony's as you know were founded by king Charles the second but also was founded by other lord proprietors like : Edward , George ,William , Anthony , sir George , sir William, sir john.
South Carolina
The music playing is a piece by Mozart. Many people in North and South Carolina loved to listen to sonatas and operas.
Here are two flags one of south Carolina another of north Carolina .
North Carolina , was named after King Charles the II .
Carolina is a Latin name for a baby.
The meaning of Carolina is strong
North Carolina
is the 9th colony of America .
was founded in 1663 along with North Carolina.
The capital at the colonial time was Charleston .
Was the 8Th colony added to Colonial America.
Founded by Lords Proprietors- specifically King Charles the Third- who was told to be the founder of north and south Carolina.
there were three religions
french hugenots ,
the angelicans ,
and the dissenters were all non-conformists.
Economy in South Carolina
in the south they had lot's of slaves that grew plantation's like : cotton , tobacco , rice , sugar , indigo , and other crop's .
most of these were used for trade among items that could not be made with plantation's like : shoes, lace, thread , farm tool's , and dishes .
there are coastal plain's in the east Piedmont in the center and mountain's to the west .
the low flat land of Carolina is 560 miles wide and the widest state east of Mississippi .
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