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Hunger Games Propaganda-create your own

No description

Julie Harlan

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Hunger Games Propaganda-create your own

Historical Context
Types of Propaganda
Name Calling
Plain Folk
Card Stacking
(framing-selective omission)
Read Aloud
Partner to answer questions
Card stacking-framing-selective omission
Naming Calling
Plain Folk
Loaded Words-Glittery generalities
Snob appeal-branding
Loaded Words
(Glittery Generalities)
Snob Appeal
Clever catchphrase
Often sells through repetition
Easy to Remember
Often follows a melody-a jingle
Create your own Propaganda Commercial/Advertisement
Things to think about:
What is your Slogan?
How would you Promote?
Who would you use as an endorsement?
Who are you appealing to?
Commercial Montages
Write down:
the commercial
the technique
how its used/is it effective?
McDonalds- I'm lovin' It
Snickers- Hungry? Why wait?
Meow Mix- Meow Meow Meow Meow
All State- Your in Good hands
Burger King- Have it Your way
Subway- Five Dollar Foot Long
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