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NBC Washington and their Competitors

A competitive analysis of WRC-NBC's local competitors in the D.C. area

Deborah Yi

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of NBC Washington and their Competitors

NBC Competitive Analysis Maria Fufidio, Daisy Landers, Melissa Smith, Deborah Yi Website Content Analysis Criteria Social Media Capacities (how many ways to link)
How many Twitter followers and Facebook friends (if applicable)
Traffic capacities
Weather capacities
The way local news portrayed
Ways of personalizaton
Schedule ease of acces
Online Streaming Capabilities Fox Social Media Capacities: Expansive
Traffic and Weather: Updated in real time, Interactive, Visual
Local News: Prominent and Segmented
Personalization: Interactive, "Toolbox" for visitors
TV Schedule: Prominently Placed
Streaming Capacities: Expansive
CBS •Easy access to social networking sites, all which are very active
•Anchor and digital correspondent blogs
•Connection with Moms Like Me and Living Green
•Weather and traffic extremely personalized including live cameras
•News divided by MD, VA and D.C. , but this could be more localized and interactive
•Too much website clutter due to advertisements ABC NBC Limited number of times links to social media appears, all are active and easily accessible
Weather is extensive - links to weatherman blogs and videos
Traffic does not have strong front page presence but is updated regularly
Section in site for communicating with community
Disorganized differentiation of MD, VA, and DC news Thursday Night Broadcast •22 stories including sports, weather and metromix
•Color scheme red, white and blue
•One black male anchor, one white female anchor both wearing red accents
•On-the-scene reporters used interviews from people in the community as well as the people involved in the event
•6 minutes dedicated to sports with Brett Haber at the Verizon Center
•News ended with a look at an Adam’s Morgan bar
•Commercials included weather, sports, Star Spangled Smiles and David Letterman Anchors:
1. All African-American women
2. Caucasion weather woman--> she is the only woman seated during the newscast
3.Mention myfoxdc.com frequently

1. Intense music, distracting
2. DC stories, even of a national scale, tend to have interviews attached
3. Did you see it segment: the stunt pilot and the inaccurate Verizon ad
4. The Top 5 studies (studies, matters,etc)
Mostly National stories covered as top news
Somewhat weather-heavy
Anchors:Leon Harris and Caroline Lyders - very diverse talents
Numerous references made to their website
i-Team stories - interviews included people involved as well as locals in the area
Stylistically intense, but has some feature stories

Social media links are not prominent, but there is a strong social media presence
Traffic and weather up-to-date with interactive radar
40 news stories updated regularly throughout the day
Everything on website can be personalized on to phone
Featured videos on some of the news stories
Watched the 11:00 PM broadcast of each station and
took note of:
Top stories
Anchors, weather announcer, reporters (talents)
Style news was presented
Commercials A SWOT Analysis Strengths: Currently NBC is the number one station in the marketplace which comes from NBC’s strong national identity and programming with the local identity.
Farsighted technological focus.
NBC’s programs and sub channels such as the daily connection, Universal Sports, the weather channel are gradually diversifying it’s viewership base.
Talent pool and upward support.
Flexible news schedule.
The NBC website is user friendly and visually appealing. Convenient features like, Traffic on Route and Weather video updates
NBC has High visibility within the DC community.
Weaknesses Internet is complicated to use. The technology gap, especially among the elderly will prevent a large number of people from accessing NBC Washington’s online and digital content
The fresh, young look of the site may turn off older NBC fans.
The focus on media and entertainment may not appeal to older demographics.
The NBC audience is large but there is no hit news program that consistently generates buzz.
Technology has fundamentally changed the world. There is much more competition and you get news anytime.
Opportunities Threats NBC Washington has the capacity to grow to a multiplatform news source.
Shows could be transmitted to the Internet, iTunes, cell phones and other wireless devices
As the internet continues to grow, streaming video gains popularity every day. NBC Washington can develop web episodes of newscasts.
The local media market consists of 10 stations. High competition.
There is also competition from established news websites such as the Washington Post
A brand conflict exists because NBC Washington is trying to appeal to both the loyal television viewers and the younger social media oriented younger audience..
Lead Anchors
Jim Vance - African American Male, middle age
Doreen Gentzler – Caucasian Female, middle age
Onsite Reporters
Craig Melvin – African American, 30s
Caucasian Female, also mid 30s
Weather Newscaster
Veronica Johnson – African American female

Time Magazines 50 Best Web Sites of 2009: majority social networks
1. FLICKR Best Practices:
Radio Television Digital News Association, Edward R. Murrow Awards
•13 Regions and 1 International Category
•Region 12 is Delaware, DC, Maryland, Virginia
oOverall Excellence: WJLA-TV
•Region 1 is Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington
oOverall Excellence: KNG-TV
•Region 11 is New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
oOverall Excellence, WPXI-TV
5 Edward R. Murrow awards in 2010 including overall excellence
10 Emmys won in 2009 Final Thoughts and Questions
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