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Integrating pronunciation work with a coursebook-led syllabus

Presentation at IATEFL Poland conference, 27 Sept 2013

Laura Patsko

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Integrating pronunciation work with a coursebook-led syllabus

Example 1: Elementary
Example 2: Intermediate
Example 3: Advanced
Integrating pronunciation work
with a coursebook-led syllabus

1. Needs analysis
Student-student dictation using sentences from book
2. "Sound hunt"
Students mine a text for examples of a sound(s)
3. "Find something in common"
Similar to Activity 2
4. "Which is which?"
For any pairs of words/structures which sound very similar (e.g. contractions, minimal pairs)
5. "Break it up"
To work on word grouping (including pausing) and placement of nuclear stress
Thank you!
Laura Patsko

Laura Patsko @lauraahaha
Time to prepare; each sentence read twice
Collect the papers; analyse them; give feedback on each student's productive and receptive abilities
Notice spellings typically associated with this sound(s)
Example: /ɪ/ and /i ː /
Then think of more examples
Students search for words/phrases which all have a particular sound, stress pattern, etc.
Can be written on slips of paper for future revision and peer-testing
Example: find phrases with this stress pattern
o O o
Teacher/student models both, then says one or the other at random
Write them on opposite sides of the whiteboard
Students point to the one they hear
Students then do this in pairs, testing each other
I'd never work
I never work
She's my
(not my mother!)
(not that guy's!)
Students mark the tapescript, then listen to check
Extra challenge/support: live dictation
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