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COE Pre-Con 2013

No description

Sylvia Symonds

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of COE Pre-Con 2013

Sylvia Symonds
TRIO SSS at Arizona State University Downtown

How Technology & Social Media Are Changing Service Delivery in College Access & Success Programs
What are you using now?
Customizable templates
Tracks Audience Response, Clicks and Views
Allows for surveys, polls and overall data collection
My Emma, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact
Four Square
Location based social networking website for smartphones and mobile devices.
Each "check in" awards points and at times, badges.
Users can create "To Do" lists and add tips.
Golden Rules
Don't overuse, overshare or overlike! Moderation is key.
Be timely and relevant.
Use students as social media interns.
Collect data and use it to improve your strategies for retention.
Know the lingo.
Don't neglect your social media.
Meet your students where they are.
Facebook- 1.11 billion active users
Twitter- 200 million active users
Linkedin- 238 million members
Instagram- 130 million active users
31% of internet users 18-24 use Twitter
400% increase since 2010
The Sky's the Limit
ASU TRIO Downtown's
Social Media

Instagram: TRIODPC
Facebook: /triodpc
Pinterest: ASUTRIO
Encourage participation
Share behind the scenes pics
Feed other social networks
Pin images to the top of your Facebook
Schedule your posts
Facebook Analytics
Facebook Milestones
Highlight Facebook Posts
Highlighting makes your posts standout
Closer Look
Strategies for Success
Strategies for Success
Look Around You
Ask for help
Use each other
Put Your Staff & Student Employees to Work!
Training & Practice
Student Interns (journalism & marketing majors)
Make the technology work for you
On your time and your terms
Start small
Reap the benefits
Last few tips
Talk to your students
Leverage other social media
Play, practice, & experiment!

Last 3 months, Linkedin 20 million new users
New college pages
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