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Rosemary Fawcett

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Genovia

GENOVIA HEADS OF STATE Monarch is appointed to a life term
Authority to appoint his own cabinet as merely adviser status
Monarch's focus is domestic policy
If Monarch resigns, the Monarch will appoint his/her successor
If Monarch passes away Parliament selects a pool of candidates for the people to vote upon.
Monarch is the head chief of the domestic police force
Domestic policy entails departments such as education, agriculture, industry, housing and development, taxation policies. MONARCH Prime Minister is limited to two six year terms
Must be appointed by Parliament out of Parliament
Focus on Foreign Affairs which included: trade, military, international relation, national security, immigration, global economics, tariffs. Prime Minister Elected to six year terms
Introduce new legislation and to the Monarch and or Prime Minister
The deciding vote if the Monarch and Prime Minister
There are sixty members of Parliament minus the Prime Minister equaling fifty-nine. Parliament Voting Proportional Voting System
Three voting districts
Elections every three years
The caveat for the Roma will be two guaranteed representatives per district.
Districts will be drawn so that a minimum of two major ethnic groups will be represented in each district. Judicial Branch A total of
600 Judges Unlimited number of six year terms they can serve. 200 judges
per district 100 will be elected every 3 years Domestic and International Defense There will be a police commissioner for every district . He or she will be elected every 6 years with the possibility for unlimited terms terms.
Commissioner's duty is to report to the Monarch who is the Head Chief of the domestic police force. Reporting to the monarch reduces corruption.
The police for is staffed by a voluntary system, and is responsible for protecting and serving its district's citizens. Domestic International One percent of the population are in one of the three branches of military
Sexual orientation is irrelevant to serve.
No gender bias.
Voluntary system due to Genovia's high sense of nationalism and duty to the monarch. Checks and Balances Prime Minister and Monarch must sign off
on all policies, and if they
cannot agree. Parliament will have the resulting vote. Prime Minister and the Monarch must come to agreement on the Constitution and all following amendments before it ratifications are presented to Parliament for a majority vote. Ratifications Genovia has a federalist system
centralized power. Social Issues Religious Freedom Ethnic
Tolerance Interest Groups and Charities are the organizations
that advocates
for the lower socio-economic classes ECONOMY We have a liberal
free market economy. There will be no gov involvement in the markets unless economic collapse, private monopolies, or infringed individual rights are results of the free system. We encourage foreign investors in our commodities on the basis that they promise to maintain a healthy trade and military
alliance with us. Economic interests will be divided among liberal lines and neocorporatism is discouraged because it could lead to big business unfairly dominating the market system. Economic interests will be divided among liberal lines and neocorporatism is discouraged because it could lead to big business unfairly dominating the market system. NATURAL RESOURCES Off Shore Oil Own, drilled, and distributed equally by the government Pears Corn Gold Iron & Steel
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