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American song project

No description

Justin Brewer

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of American song project

American song project
Paradise by Coldplay
Lyric video
Band History
Early years
Coldplay is a British rockband formed by lead singer chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London. Chris, the eldest of five, started his illustrious music career at Sherborne school for boys when met the man who would be known later on as the manager of coldplay Phil Harvey. Here he started a band called Bunga that lasted for about two years. Martin then went to University college London where he graduated with a first class honors degree in greek and latin. He then met his band...
Musical Career
After Chris and Jonny got together they met their bass player Guy Berryman and their drummer Will Champion. The band started off called Pectoralz then they changed their name briefly to Starfish before being offered the name Coldplay by another band who did not want it anymore. Coldplay got its first international recognition when they released their first extremely successful album Parashutes. Over time they have released six albums such as, leftrightleftrightleft, viva la vida or death and all his friends, and a rush of blood to the head.
Band Recording
Solo career
Although the band was wildly popular Chris Martin achieved succsess in the solo world as well. Chris performed with some of the worlds top artist such as, Jay Z, Dr. Dre, and Kanye West, in both singles and albums. Chris helped Jay Z get back on the map by appearing in his comeback album Kingdom Come. Chris has performed in 62 different songs and tracks and has helped many different artist with their work.
Representation of America
1. adjetive- Self-sustained, being stuborn in a good way about what what yourown self believes in.
1.noun- A person who has his or her own say in what his or her government does. A person who will fight for what is right and speaks up when something is going wrong.
2. noun- A citizen of a country that consist of people from all over the globe but are all still americans.
Figurative Meaning
The song paradise represents America in many different ways. It starts of with a normal girl who is represented as an imagrant. She expected a good life but it was not to be at the moment. Her country was in war ("Bullets catching her teeth") and she is very upset. The only way she could escape is through her dreams. Then she began to dream of a place of paradise... America. After thinking of such an amazing place evn though she was still in her war torn country she knew things have to start out bad to get good. ("I know the sun must set to rise"). She believes that there still could be hope for a better life in the paradise that is America.
connections with America
There is a lot of historical connection between the song and Americann history. During World War II many people in war torn places where not able to live fun free lives. Instead they flead what was to them a Paradise... America. This situation has been a very commen situation over the time of America. The Pilgrams were not allowed to practice free religion so they fled from religiouss percecution to a place that will allow any kind of religious practice. wether it is a civil war, dictatorship, or a natural disastor America has always been a paradise for incoming imagrants.
Paradise History
On september 12, 2011 Coldplay released the hit song paradise. After the song was released on i tunes it sold over 410,000 copies in the Uk. The song was nomnated for a grammy and won the MTV music award for best rock song. The song was number one on the uk charts after ten weeks. The song was in the film "The Life of Pi" which was nominated for 11 acadamy awards.
Literal meaning
The literal meaning of "Paradise" is as follows. A normal girl expects a good exciting life. Although it was not able to happen so she dreamed. She began dreaming of a paradise and wanted to go. Unfortunetly life goes on and she continued to be upset. She continued to dream of this paradise and relized that thing are bad but they could get better. So she was looking at the bad times and knew, one day, she will find that paradise.
Fun facts
Coldplay's first album was named after a phonebook ("Yellow")
Coldplay's third album X&Y sold over 8.1 million copies
Their album Parashutes was projected to sell 40,000 copies but sold over 5 million.
Coldplay turned down two advertisments from coca cola and Gatorade that were worth over 15 million dollars combined.
The song "Violet Hill" was free for two weeks on i tunes were it that span sold over 2 million copies.
Coldplay have released 20 singles.
Coldplay also has 99 songs that are sitting at a studio that they have not released.
The song "Fix You" was a present to Chris Martin's wife after the death of her father.
The American flag is the top of the mountain for people dreaming of paradise.
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