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Understanding Forced Marriage

No description

Mark Penny

on 25 September 2018

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Transcript of Understanding Forced Marriage

What is memory and what is recall?
We take in information largely through these three learning processes
Focus booster

Improve your focus by listening, making notes, asking questions and teaching others.
Forced marriage is illegal in the UK. It is defined as a marriage in which one or both partners do not consent to the marriage and violence, threats or any other form of coercion is involved.
Forced marriages are different to arranged marriages where the choice of whether or not to accept the arrangement remains with those getting married.

Forced marriage in the UK
What do you think about
forced marriage?
Mo. Why might forced marriages be described as being ethically unacceptable?
So. How can we convince the communities where forced marriage happens to change their views?
Cu. Would you contact the Police to help someone who might be forced into marriage?
Sp. Why might many people believe that forced marriages are to do with faith and religion?
Forced Marriage: Why does it happen?
Attempting to strengthen family links
Ensuring land, property and wealth remain within the family
Fulfilling long-standing family commitments
Issues associated with being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender
Supposed sexual promiscuity, particularly of young women
Preventing 'unsuitable' relationships outside the ethnic, cultural, religious or caste group
Protecting perceived religious ideals
Assisting claims for residence and citizenship
Every major faith condemns forced marriage
There were 1,220 possible cases reported in 2015, but authorities say real number could be higher.
More than a quarter of the cases involved victims who were under 18, and a third, were aged 18-25.
Freely given consent to marriage is expected in Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh marriages
If you or someone you know is being forced into a marriage contact the Police
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