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Norse Religion

No description

Will Mannering

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Norse Religion

Norse Mythology
Supernatural powers and Deities
The Gods cont.
Origins of the universe
Norse Mythology is a very diverse cultural religion that has a wide range of stories and mythologies that combine to make up a very ancient and interesting religion to study and research
The realms of Norse Mythology
Asgard and Midgard
In Norse Mythology there are two realms where mortal and immortal beings reside:
- Asgard is the realm of the Gods, all Norse Mythological Gods reside in the place of Asgard
- Midgard is the realm of the mortal, where men and women reside,
The afterlife
there are many different Norse Mythological afterlifes. Some may go to the realm of Niflheim, the realm of the Norse Mythlological underworld. Ruled over by a female goddess by the name of Hel. In Norse Mythology it can also depend on how you die and where. the Goddess Ran may take the lives of those who die at sea.
The Gods
Other Supernatural beings and deities
Not only is Norse Mythology a polytheistic religion it also conatins other supernatural beings and deities. These include but are not limited to:
Also known as Dverga, these beings are wise and skillful in the art of craftsmanship and blacksmith. They live underground away from the sunlight. The sunlight causes dwarfs to turn to stone
Also known as Jotnar, these beings live neither in the realm of the living nor the supernatural. Giants are mostly hostile creatures and are fearsome and wreak havoc over the mortal realm of Midgard
The mythical beings of trolls are a variation of the Giants. Trolls did not become recognised beings until the era of Norse Mythology had nearly ended. Much the same as Dwarfs, Trolls turn to stone in the presence of sunlight
-The God of Lightning, Thunder, healing and fertility
-Protector of mankind

Thor along with his hammer Mjolnir slays the foes of Midgard and Asgard in his many battles
Odin is refereed to as 'The Father of the Gods' and ruler of Asgard. He is the father of many Gods of which Thor was one of. His name translates as 'poetry', 'fury', 'mind' and 'excitation'.
Loki is referred to as the 'God of Mischief'. His relationships with the Gods and of Midgard varies through different sources. Sometimes helping the Gods and other times causing havoc. His murder of the God Baldr sealed his fate to being bound in to the mercy of the Gods.
Norse Mythology is a polytheistic Religion, meaning that there are many Gods that each have their own specific purpose and powers:
- One of the most recognised Mythological God is the God Thor. The God Thor sought to bring peace to Humanity by relentlessly pursuing the foes who sought the destruction of man kind
In Norse Mythology there are three main Gods. They are:
Norse Mythology describes the creation story as beginning with two regions. To the North was the cold and misty place of Niflheimr. And to the south was Muspellsheimr, full of fire, heat and light. Between these two regions there was the fiery desolation of Ginnungagap. From this place there emerged a Giant by the name of Ymir, from which the first man and woman where born in the left armpit of the Giant. This was the creation of the first man and woman. The creation of the earth and the Gods shortly followed:
Creation of the Gods
Although the creation story of the man and woman is first depicted before the creation of the Gods it is still unclear as to whether mankind was created before the Gods. The Giant who bore the first man by the name of Ymir had a son named Buri, who had a son named Borr, who then had three sons, They where: Odin, Vile and Ve'. This was the creation of the Gods.
The Creation of the Earth
The Three sons of Borr, Odin, Vili and Ve' used the body of Ymir of the first Giant to form the realm of Midgard (earth, the realm of mankind). From his body they created the world of humans. From his flesh they created the earth, his blood the seas and lakes, his bones the mountains and his skull the sky.

The God Thor
artists depiction of Asgard
Artists depiction of Niflheim
Artists depiction of Odin










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