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Ninth Labor of Heracles

No description

emma adamik

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Ninth Labor of Heracles

Hercules went to retrieve the belt of Queen Hippolyte for his daughter. Once Hercules reached the Amazons, Hippolyte gave the belt peacefully, until Hera disguised herself and told the amazons that Hercules was trying to steal their Queen. Hercules saw that he was under attack, he killed Hippolyte and took the belt.
The Ninth Labor of Heracles
Emma Adamik and Kyra Hunsinger
"Hippolyte had received from Mars a girdle of wonderful beauty" (Herzberg 165)

"They attacked Hercules, and because he thought Hippolyte had been guilty of treachery, he killed her, seized the girdle, and set out for home"
(Herzberg 165)

Hercules is sent by Eurystheus to
get Hippolyte's belt.

Call to Adventure?

Road Of Trials?

Hera tricks the Amazons;
Hercules kills Hippolyte.
Hippolyte gives the belt to Hercules
Hercules leaves
Hercules goes back to Eurystheus
~Was told by the King to retrieve the belt for his daughter
~Hercules faces the challenge of having Hera mess with his journey
Differences Between Perseus Library
World Mythology
In the Perseus Digital Library the belt was given to Hippolyte by Ares, where in World Mythology they never say where she got it.

In the World Mythology book Hercules visits the Amazons by himself and in the Perseus Digital Library, he takes many of his friends with him.

According to the Perseus Digital Library, there was a great battle between Hercules, his friends, and the Amazons. In World Mythology, Hercules killes Hippolyte and runs off.

"Dragon Battle"
Hercules has to take on the women of the amazon
Hercules does not have a guide
Hercules finishes this journey without the help of another
Six Word Memior

In Myths And Their Meanings, you
learn the name of Eurystheus' daughter, which is Admeta.

He is greated the same way by Hippolyte in each story, by being friendly and being given the belt

In both stories Hera tricks the Amazons into attacking Hercules.
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