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Kauffman - Assistant Superintendent

Ideas and Conceptual Framework

Robert Kauffman

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Kauffman - Assistant Superintendent

Director of Pre-K and Elementary Instruction
Student Intern programs
Coordinating and leading state/federal program
Servant Leadership
Cluster Sites
Work with universities - encourage participation
Develop wikis to facilitate data and information collection
Surveys to collect quick input and data to guide decisions
Use Novi resources to responsibly advance technology use
The First 90 Days -Interviews
School Improvement - Accountability and Support
Collaboration, Communication & Trust
Listen, learn, evaluate
Use experts from county, locals and MDE
Review and continue to align structures of curriculum, instruction and assessment
Review program evaluation process and plans
Bi-weekly meetings with principals
Support innovation and guide current initiatives
Anecdotal data collection across schools and departments
Questions center on challenges and opportunities
Synthesize data with team using process tools to establish lead and lag measures
Use the current measures (NWEA, MEAP, formative assessments) to allocate resources
Evaluate data warehouse(s) and assess training
Conduct monthly meetings with administrators, coaches and any other pertinent staff
Team building around rigor, relevance and relationship
Celebrating difference and commonalities
Building a culture of trust and integrity
Support Novi High School in implementation of IB courses
International Baccalaureate
Observe courses and meet with teachers and administration at least once every 6 weeks for the first semester
Appreciative Inquiry
We must define "good instruction"
Database for student performance and parent feedback
Learn and review policies and procedures
Board Workshops and trainings
Wiki site(s) to facilitate initiatives and communication
Research and evaluate if IB may be options for Middle and Primary Years
NCA - School Improvement efforts need to be initiated from data
Keep standards, maps and expectations on website for parents
Work closely with the teacher union to innovate and enhance instruction
Instructional Rounds
Meet with teachers and administration at least once every 6 weeks for the first semester
New Teacher Induction
Year One
Instructional Skills
Year Two
3 summer days
2 full days during year
3 after school sessions
Differentiated Instruction
Suggested program
Teach basic management, procedure and cultural issues
Framework for consistent, basic instructional skills (i.e. quiet signal, lesson planning, decision points)
Move from Unconscious incompetence Conscious incompetence Conscious competence Unconscious competence
Gradual Release of Responsibility
Year one is intensive, structured and supported (Time and Money)
Year two is less, but still quite supported (75% less Time and Money)
Year three is much less, still with accountability (50% Time and Money)
Year four is minimal with celebration emphasis (25% Time and Money)
3 summer days
2 full days during year
3 after school sessions
Suggested program
Teach Differentiated Instruction methods
Culture - Shared Leadership
Review and inspire toward GPPSS Strategic Plan and vision
Encourage and enlist principals to facilitate meetings and initiatives
Build and maintain collaborative environment
Assess leadership teams' styles and strengths
Galileo Leadership meetings and seek ways grow teacher leadership
Develop easy to follow and consistent plans with SMART Boards
Maximize use of SMART Boards and other technology
Professional Learning and Development
Meet with team and review current status
Set goals based on current data
Review ethnicity and gender data
Strive for consistency across buildings and grade levels
Grosse Pointe Public School System
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