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Modine presentation HQ

No description

HOBIJ Pioneers at work

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Modine presentation HQ

Common goals in


HOBIJ, a reliable partner for Modine:

HOBIJ is a proactive partner that relieves Modine's burden entirely;
Collaborating for many years (10 years);
HOBIJ has achieved all KPI's;
Knowledge of the organisation and required competences;
Able to add a new dimension to the cooperation every time again;
Capable of optimally deploying our service provision towards Modine.

Since October 2014 Master Vendor:
We deliver 100%, including subcontractors;
We provide inhouse service: daily presence of a dedicated flexmanager on the work floor.
Inhouse services (1)
Our vision concerning Modine Uden:
"HOBIJ is committed to a partnership with Modine Uden,

where we do our utmost to
completely relieve and assist Modine Uden in all processes
related to the deployment of flexible personnel.
The Inhouse Service is key in our support towards Modine in The Netherlands."
Key Performance Indicators
Provisioning rate
Quality score
Percentage undesirable turnover
no show
Inhouse Service (2)
Full support
Careful recruitment and selection of all flex workers;
Introduction of flex workers;
Providing tours;
Time tracking and processing.
Human Resources
Handling sick leave;
Processing bonus increase;
Care of planning of all flexworkers;
Acting as main contactperson / intermediary in the direction to shiftleaders and other parties;
Cost saving possibilities:
Job market in the
Observed trends:
Aging population;
Increase level of education;
Qualitative discrepancy.
HOBIJ is fit for the future:
Professional in Euroflex;
Capable of deployment of flex workers from other EU countries.
Market rates
MSP capabilities
Core values HOBIJ
Common sense and hard work;
Enjoyment combined with being a good employer;
Socially responsible entrepeneurship;
a familiar feeling;
Knowledge, expertise and commitment;

HOBIJ offices
HOBIJ speaking
HOBIJ is the first flex agency in the Netherlands which has been chosen as a 'Great Place to Work' by flexworkers!
Significant growth:
Also in competitive markets, while the crisis was in full swing;
No need to fear for unpleasant financial surprises;
Voted 4 years in a row as Best Managed Company;
We are one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.
Clear insight
Controlling the process of assessment of flexworkers and having conversations.
Guarantee of one FTE inhouse flexmanager.
Clear insight into the performance of HOBIJ through clear quarterly reports based on KPIs.
Automation by Mysolution;
improving HR processes;
connection with clock system;
Reducing absenteeism;
Improving productivity;
Efficiency: process scan by our processmanager;
Deployment of Job coach;
Adjusting holiday policy;
Innovation by introducing robots;
Development application.

Upgrade cooperation to the 'next level';
Investigate to start up new entities in EU countries where Modine has more plants s.a. Austria;
Mission/ vision 2020 of HOBIJ is in line with this;
To be a Service provider and work with preferred suppliers & Sub-contractors.
Membership ABU
Foundation Standardization Living for flexworkers
(Stichting Normering Flexwonen)
NEN 4400-1
VCU certification
1995: founded as regular employment agency
1998: alongside NL flexworkers also EU flexworkers
2009: reassessment strategy: 'Experts in European Workforce'
Target markets:
Industry, Technique, Logistics
Daily average of
2,500 flexworkers from HOBIJ
working in the Netherlands
Czech republic
The Netherlands
Regional character
National coverage
Head office

Regional offices

Inhouse locations
Office network in Poland and exclusive cooperation with recruiters in other EU-countries;
Workforce Poland deployable in multiple countries.
Innovation is chacterising
We are leading in innovative solutions:
Deployment of robots;
Deployment of apps for management reports;
Try likes;
State-of-the-art software.
Benefits of HOBIJ
Speed, flexibility and knowledge of the industry;
Financially strong position, without any 'dept capital';
Attractive price and proper conditions;
Knowledge expert in European employment market;
We serve many key-accounts in industry and technique;
Solid position in networks: HOBIJ's management is represented in committees of leading trade organisations;
External Supervisory Board as security for good governance;
Completely certified.
Benefits of HOBIJ
Low degree of staff turnover within our organisation;
Easily exchange flexworkers with other clients and rapidly barge in and out whenever necessary;
Able to deploy excellently qualified employees due to a proper recruitment and selection process;
Able to quickly respond to every need;
Able to hold on to these employees as a result of being a good employer;
A special Professionals Department that supplies employees at higher educational and academic level.

"Amid the Turbulent New World
flexibility is a core requirement
of European companies in
Tecnique, Logistics
and of employees and job seekers. "


Improve and positively influence people's lives, and supporting companies in
achieving their goals
to relieve, to inspire
help develop / innovate.

For businesses this means among other things: to challenge them to
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), good employment, social innovation, Great Place to Work.
Thank you for your attention
Partners in good employment
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