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"Ransom of Red Chief"

No description

Margaret Staton

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of "Ransom of Red Chief"

"Ransom of Red Chief"
by: O.Henry

What do you think?
You can make a list and check it twice. You can go over every last detail of a plan. But even when you think you've though of everything, the unexpected can change the outcome in surprising, terrible, and sometime hysterically funny ways.

Is any plan foolproof?
What Words do I Need?
What background should I have...
"David and Goliath" - Goliath was a giant warrior in the Phillistine army that was defeated by a young boy, David, and his slingshot.
Who was O.Henry?
Lived from 1862-1910
Born William Sydney Porter
Worked as clerk, ranch hand, bank teller, and more
Jailed for embezzling money, giving time to find passion for writing
Known for the "Surprise Ending"
"Ransom of Red Chief"
Bill and Sam are con men who kidnap the son of a prominent citizen in a small town and hold him for a $2,000 ransom, but things do not go as smooth as expected.
"Pirates of Penzance" - An opera that opened in 1879 and was a huge hit in America and England. The plot follows a band of pirates, group of women, mistaken identities, and great complications.
What could Bill and Sam have done to make their plan more likely to succeed?

Write a full paragraph explaining your thoughts.
And Now....
Review Time...
1. Why do Sam and Bill need two thousand dollars?
2. Why does the boy prefer staying with Sam and Bill to going home?
3. Reread lines 31-55. Briefly sketch the town of Summit, the mountain, and the cave.
4. What two things did the kidnappers not anticipate?
5. Why do you think O.Henry has Sam use words like "apparition"and "philoprogentitiveness"at the beginning of the story?
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