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Cell Analogy Project

No description

Sarah Kirschner

on 13 February 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project

Stored blueprints for a city and its buildings are like the Chromosomes in cells, they are the ideas and basic units of it, the same way Chromosomes in a cell are condensed DNA. A Cell Analogy Cilia Flagella are the little teeny-tiny hairs outside the cell that move it forward and back, sometimes side to side. really they take the cell where it wants to go, if ti is something like an amoeba or parumecium Cars Ports Ports Air, Shipping, Freight The Cell Wall The cell wall protects the cell and carefully lets things in and out, the same way products in a port of any kind would be inspected carefully before use, or even before they were let onto the transportation that got them there. SPEED LIMIT I-90 70 Highway Cell Membrane Like a highway, the cell membrane regulates what goes in and out of the cell, and a highway is the way to get in and out of a city. Members of the
City Government Nucleus The members of the city government create ideas, put people to work, approve things to be done and send out the orders for it, the way nucleus runs the cell. The nuclear membrane is like the building where meetings of city government might be held, meaning it separates and keeps the nucleus out of contact from other things as it does its job. Neuclear Membrane City Government
Building Engineering
Companies Nucleolus Engineering companies (like a nucleolus) manufacture and ship out things they make that are parts of factories. Chromatin Construction
Companies A construction company is like chromatin because it is the body of workers that create and construct parts of a city, and chromatin in cells makes up different peices of it, it's the cell's DNA. The little dot is a protein that the chromatin (purple) is looped around. Cytoplasm The structures of different buildings in a city are like cytoplasm, because they hold the buildings up, like how cytoplasm keeps a cell's organs in place. The newly shaded area is the cytoplasm Power Plants Mitochondria The mitochondria are like power plants because they create energy for the cell, and a power plant will create the energy and electricity a city needs. Vacuole Sewer System A vacuole is like a sewer system in a cell, because it gets rid of excess products and waste from a cell, and from a city a sewer does that job. A vacuole is shaped differently in each cell, but in plants they are bigger, because they hold water. When there is no water in a vacuole, or too much, the plant wilts and eventually dies. Factories Ribosomes Factories and ribosomes both create things for the city and cell. A ribosome creates proteins, and a factory creates clothing, paper, classroom materials, and other things for a city. Building
Structures Power Lines Endoplastic Reticulum The endoplastic reticulum in a cell connects ribosomes, and power lines connect factories and other buildings in a city. Golgi Body Small
Buisnesses A golgi body is similar to a small buisness because it creates all sorts of little things that the cell needs at a certain time, the way small buisnesses each create their own product, in smaller amounts than created by a large company. By Sarah Kirschner Small
Products Lysosomes The product of a small buisness is like a lysosome because they both are small things. A lysosome holds a cell's digestive enzymes if it is a single cell organism, and a company that creates doorknobs is small like it. Roof
Gardens Chloroplast Chloroplast creates food for the cell, and a roof garden in a city creates food for the people in it. City Blueprints Chromosomes City Streets The cytoskeleton of a cell maintains the shape and order of it, and a city's streets do the same thing, keeping all the different buildings organized into blocks and sections. GROCERY Grocery
Stores Plastid Grocery stores and plastids are similar because they both store food for the consumer, whether it is the cell or the people in the city. Cars, specifically their wheels and steering systems, are like cilia because they control the path of the car. Trains Flagella The flagella (black) are much like trains, they keep the cell on track. Cytoskeleton City Council Centrioles Centrioles are only found in animal cells, and they assist in cell division and/or reproduction. The city council is like the centrioles because they can change the boundaries of a city. Centrioles are made of three strands, and are built in gorups of nine. Goldberger, Paul. "Miracle Above Manhattan." National Gographic. 2011. Print. Citations No Name Found. Virtual Cell Tour. 12 Feb 2012. www.ibiblio.org. No date Found. Web Sources Print Sources
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