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Burger Bar: Business and Management Plan

No description

Tammy Noel

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Burger Bar: Business and Management Plan

Customer Profile
Future Markets
Competitive Analysis
Burger Bar: Business and Management Plan
Business Plan
Industry Plan
Market Economic Factors
Market Analysis
Target: 18-35 age range of educated professionals with or without families
Consumer spending: $48,851 of which they spend 10% indulging in dining out
Market: “Bohemian Mixers” who are known to quickly adapt to new ideas and concepts to the “American Dream”
The Burger Bar will cater to those who want to indulge in America’s comfort food environment where they can take their family, grab lunch or conduct business meetings.
Management Plan
Business Structure

The Burger Bar was incorporated in 2013 as a partnership. The company will be shared evenly between; Kirsten Langley, Kenesha Lewis, Tammy Noel, Brittney Shrider and Synnamon Dickey.
The corporation charter authorizes 50 shares of common stock. After time the amount of shares available to be issued is planned to increase to 100 shares of common stock over the period of 2 years, with the assigned per value of one dollar.
Key Directors
The Burger Bar, Inc. has no outside member on the board of directors; however, management recognize the need for outside advisors to provide expertise in various areas.
Each advisory council member as well as employees will receive a discount on menu items each year, up to $400 per year in total compensation. The company is pleased to have associations with the following person:
The availability of variety is something that will always be needed in the food industry. We all know people need nourishment but whether or not they choose our restaurant or another is based on our food.
Price of the food doesn’t really effect whether or not people will come to eat at an establishment because people will pay for what they like.
The problem is competition being able to create the same exact item as you and if the consumer likes their food more than yours. Therefore you have to put your own spin on your food creations.
Consumers like to be able to go on a restaurant’s website and look at the menu, view images of food & the restaurant space, read reviews, and possibly place orders.
Currently, there are 980,000 restaurants in the United States with an overall projected sales of $660.5 billion projected for 2013. On a typical day, the restaurant-industry sales are about $1.8 billion, according to the National Restaurant Association.
There are over 700 restaurants in the Atlanta area that serve burgers on their menu. However, there are no restaurants that cater specifically to burgers.
Market Needs
The Burger Bar is moving into a market with a lack of such an amazing customization burger restaurant with a great environment, which grants us an exciting opportunity to be the first to deliver a need to the market and set us apart.
With Fast food restaurants slowly being pushed to the side for better eating habits and healthier life styles, burger bar gives the “traditional” McDonalds consumer an improved way to eat things they love without betraying their new life style changes.
Target: 18-35 yr old, single or involved; with or without children
Market: The “American Dreams,” “Money & Brains,” and “Urban Achievers”
Medium income: $57, 100
Consumer spending: $709 million
Per household: approximately $48,851
Over time the Burger Bar will look at other options for meats and sides to keep the variety going in our restaurant.
Once a month the Burger Bar will turn into a night bar where there will be a live DJ, drink specials, and of course you can enjoy minis and sliders.
In Midtown Atlanta, there are many restaurants that serve burgers as an entrée. However, there are only three restaurants that have a higher focus on burgers.
. The three main burger places in Midtown do not offer a large variety of options.
Ted’s Montana Grill, Joe’s on Juniper, do not offer the option to order a custom burger.
BurgerFi is the other competitor in this area. They do offer unique and custom burgers, but are limited on options available for customizing a burger.
Competitive Advantage
Fulfilling a market niche that has not yet been met in the area
specializing in customization and unique combinations
Other competitive factors are an upscale environment; mid-range prices, exclusive drinks and top shelf beers, fresh ingredients and an experience you can never receive at a franchise burger restaurant
Quality of food and customer service
Management Team
The key personnel at The Burger Bar are the board of directors, store manager, assistant manager, chef, sous chef, part-time line cooks, and part-time servers. A summary of the background and qualifications of each position holder follows.
Board of Directors
All of the Board of Directors: Kenesha Lewis, Kirsten Langley, Tammy Noel, Brittney Shrider,, & Synnamon Dickey
The Burger Bar will hire a manager to basically run the business if one of the board of directors can’t be there. The manager must have a degree in hospitality and about seven years in the food industry; and at least those three of those years must be in management.
Responsibilities include watching over the front and back house of the restaurant. The manager will be paid by salary and not by hour. The job posting for this position will be on snagajob.com.
Assistant Manager
The Burger Bar will hire an assistant manager to assume the roles of floor manager and sales associate manager.
The assistant manager must have a minimum of five years of experience in the food industry. The assistant manager will also any handle customer problems and even employee problems.
The lob posting is on snagajob.com and once assistant manager is hired he will be working around 30 hours per week.
Chef/Sous Chef
The Burger Bar will employ a sous chef to cook the recipes we give them and even a chance to come up with new ideas for the menu. Sous chef must have a minimum of six years of experience in the food industry.
At least four of the years should be cooking experience. The Sous Chef will be full time but not on salary pay. The chef job posting will be on snagajob.com.
Line Cooks
The Line Cooks will assist the sous chef by prepping food, some cooking, and cleaning.
The line cook must have a minimum of two years of experience in the food industry.
The line cook will work twenty-five hours per week. Job posting is on snagajob.com
The servers will take orders, bring food and drinks to and fro the table. The server must display excellent customer service skills.
In between table server is to make sure the restaurant looks presentable by doing a little cleaning. A year of server experience is required, and the job posting in on snagajob.com.
Personal Compensation
Management Compensation
The Burger Bar will employ a store manager at a salary of $23,000 per year as well as an assistant manager at an hourly payroll of $10.25 per hour.
Store manager will be eligible for employee benefits of health insurance and 1 week paid vacation after 90 days of employment.
Part-time servers will earn $7.79 per hour for a maximum of thirty hours per week.
The head chef will be paid $8.50 per hour, the sous chef $8 per hour, and the line cook $7.79 per hour.
Wages for part-time servers and cooks are based on fifty working weeks per year. This includes rotation for time off.
Compensation and Ownership
The owners will each receive $1,500 a month for the first six months and will increase to $2,500 for each month after.
Bobby Johnson of Johnson & Johnson, PA
Medical Insurance:
Sarah Stewart of UnitedHealthcare
Marketing and Advertising:
Eric Wright of Speedy Communications
Open and consistent communication is critical to the success of The Burger Bar.
Written policies and procedures, as well as updates on marketing activities and new menu items, will be posted for all employees to review when they arrive for work.
Weekly staff meeting will be scheduled prior to Friday openings.
Special meetings will be scheduled for high-sales-volume holidays, menu changes, and food trend workshops.
Government Approval
The government of Georgia requires food service establishments to submit a plan under (4) of this Rule the Health Authority shall issue a permit after completing an application, submitting a fee, plans and specifications are approved, and a
pre-operational inspection is complete. This interpretation must be in accordance of the current edition of the “Interpretation Manual for Georgia Rules and Regulations of Food and Service”.
Local Licenses and Permit
Midtown requires that you have a license and a business permit in order to conduct business in the city. All licenses and permits will be obtained as required by the city.
offering quality food in an upscale atmosphere
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