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Shark Finning Persuasive Speech

No description

Alexia Lawson

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Shark Finning Persuasive Speech

Shark Finning The act of cutting off a sharks fins and discarding at sea of the sharks body. Shark fins go for $300/lb Extremely high demand
Shark finning illegal
Extremely dangerous to fishermen

Endangeredshark.com estimates 200/400 shark species will face extinction in next 10 years Shark maturation period of 7-9 years
Shark gestation period of 9 mo. - 2 years
Amount of sharks killed per year for fins outweighs sharks ability to bounce back & add "new" sharks Sharks are important to ecosystems Keystone species; keep other animals "in check"
Removal of keystone species causes population overload of other marine animals
Eventual decrease in all species in ecosystem Donate! Sea Shepherd

Shark Trust

Shark Project

Wild Aid seashepherd.org/sharks sharktrust.org thesharkproject.org wildaid.org Educate! Reiterate! Shark mythbusters

Movies like Sharkwater
Websites More people die by hippopatamus attacks than shark attacks endangeredshark.com
sharkinformation.org Tell your friends

Tell your mom

Tell a stranger 1 piece of paper educates 1 more person; that person can tell a hand ful of friends, etc. about the cool stuff you learned the cruely of shark finning. BUT
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