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Criminal Investigation Fingerprints

No description

Tailan Hickey

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Criminal Investigation Fingerprints

Criminal Investigation Fingerprints
Fingerprints Are...
Why We Have Fingerprints
They help us get a grip.
Fingerprints are used for identifying individuals from their special fingerprint patterns.
Fingerprint Patterns and Classifications
Fingerptint Evidence Processing
Finger, And Hand Prints
There are three main types of fingerprints
There are lots more like
Tented Arch
Radial Loop
Central Pocket Whorl
These are some examples of different types of fingerprints
Fun Facts: Glove Prints
Glove prints, are hidden fingerprint-like mark that are moved to a surface or object by someone with gloves on.
Many people committing a crime or criminals wear gloves.
Criminals wear gloves to evade leaving their fingerprints behind.
Thinking it will make it harder for the detectives.
However even wearing gloves will not hide your fingerprints .
The gloves actually leave prints just as unique as bare fingerprints.

Fun Facts: Part 1: Did You know...
Fun Facts: Part 2: Did You Know...

Types of Fingerprints
Burns, Cuts, and Scrapes: If you burn, cut, or scrape your hand it will not affect the original pattern of your ridges when your skin grows back.
Although severe or serious injuries or surgeries will change your fingerprints.
Koalas: Koalas also has fingerprints that make them almost identical to humans. Koala fingerprints may be mistaken to human fingerprints.
Sir William Herschel was a judge and government administrator in India. He began using fingerprints in 1858.
Argentina was the first country to use fingerprints.
Fun Facts
Glove Prints
Fingerprint Name
Identical Twins
Burns, Cuts, and Scrapes
Sir William Herschel


Tailan Hickey

Did You Know...
Your fingerprints fully form when your 24 weeks old ! How much you moved around inside your mom's stomach and how fast you grew determined the pattern of ridges or your fingerprints. Your ridges don't change as you grow.
Fingerprints are the ridges and lines on your hand.
Fingerprints are used for identifying individuals from their special fingerprint patterns.
They are made up of 2% of oil and 98% water.
The sweat glands in the skin of your finger tips.
They produce a water and oil mixture that covers the ridges of your fingerprint.
These ridges keep a part of this mixture that when the finger touches a surface, a remainder is left behind which is a copy of your fingerprint.
2% oil 98% water
100% Water and oil
Who is ten, or older and has an ID card?
The machine you had to put your finger in is a fingerprint register. It keeps your fingerprint.
Fingerprint Name: Dactyloscopy comes from the Greek words 'daktylos' meaning finger and 'skopein' meaning to examine. Trichology is the study of hair and palynology is the study of pollens and spores.
Identical Twins: Nobody has the same fingerprints. Not even identical twins!
Fingerprints help us get a grip. Nobody has the same ridge patterns. Everyone has their unique fingerprints. Fingerprints can also help detectives and polices. But of all fingerprints are cool ridges that identify us!
Thank You For Your Attention!
This is Koala, Human, and Chimpanzee Fingerprints.
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