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Copy of BIKE

No description

Kristopher Orlando

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of BIKE

Group 5
Dinh Anh Phuong
Ta Yen Ngoc
Nguyen Duc Thang
Nguyen Trong Nghia
The increasing popularity of electric bicycle among high school students in Hanoi
Major findings
The power
The safety
The operational and purchase expenses
The green factor
The speed
Research questions
Will this trend still remain in future?
100 students from 3 schools:
Tran Phu high school
Tran Nhan Tong high school
Viet Duc high school
Why electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular among high school students in Hanoi?
Will this trend continue in the future?
Long-term or
Disadvantages of e-bicycles?
What makes non-users do not like about e-bike?
Limited range?
No difference!
Non-users are more likely to
against e-bicycles
Lack of information
High school student is inlfuenced by others' opinion when bying a product. If it's not "cool" enough, they won't buy it
However, prejudice can be changed
E-bicycle has many good merits
Poor countries
Have little capital invested
High tech
Many brands
Saturated market
Low tech
Few brands
Fresh market
Substitution effect : if the price of one good increase, consumers will substitute it for another good that relates to it.
Gasoline price increase
People will limit quantity of gasoline they buy
Change to other vehicles: bus, e-bicycle, e-motorbike...
E-bicycle is a good substitution for motorbike
Time elapsed since price changed: the demand will be more elastic as more time elapsed since price change
This change happens in long-term because customers take time to change their vehicles
Gasoline price fall
E-bicycle has good effect on consumers as a whole
Motorbike users also benefit
E-bicycles is mainly imported or manufactured in China
Government should encourage firms to produce e-bicycle
Improve attitude of e-bicycle users
Opinion about future of e-bicycles
This trend of using e-bicycles will continue in long-term
Thanks for your attention!
A few years ago
Promising market
Low level of technology
Lots of thing to improve
Catch-up effect: poorer countries tend to grow at a faster rate than richer country
Affordable price
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