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expecting mothers

No description

Evelaure Denis

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of expecting mothers

Expecting Mothers
By: Evelaure Denis and Alejandra Molero
Period 8
January 31, 2014
The purpose for this prezi is to give information about what a pregnant mother goes through. We will talk about what foods she should eat and what she should avoid while pregnant.Also proper clothing, exercises and much more.
Some exercises that expecting mothers can do are walking, squatting, swimming, dancing, forward situps, and calf stretch . Those are only some of the many exercises that a pregnant woman can do.
What a pregnant woman eats is important because it affects the baby. A pregnant woman should eat healthy and nutritious foods. She should also try to avoid junk foods and unhealthy foods.
walking helps a pregnant woman have healthy muscles, get fresh air and sleep soundly at night. she should take short breaks and not exhaust herself. when running, a pregnant women should loosen her shoulders, keep her chin up and have her back up straight. like if she were trying to look tall.
squatting is a good exercise for pregnant women. It helps them get ready for when pushing in labor. if that's the case.
when doing a calf stretch you put your hands against a wall for support.then you put one leg behind you and push towards to wall. repeat with the other leg.
expecting mothers have to do this because it helps to loosen the muscle after pregnancy.
swimming is good for pregnant women because it uses both large muscle groups, which are your arms and legs. it provides cardiovascular benefits for pregnant women. this is one of the best exercises for pregnant women.
dancing is a fantastic and fun exercise during pregnancy. not only do you get to jam to your music but it will keep you flexible while toning your muscles.
Forward situp





• Scrambled eggs
with toast
• Orange juice

• A sandwich with cheese,
ham, and mayo.
• Water or juice

• Caesar salad
•orange juice

• Granola Bar

• Peanut Butter & Jelly
• Milk

• bowl of spaghetti
• water

• Rice and beans
• water

• Crackers

• Waffles with syrup
•Apple juice

•Chicken soup
• water

• Chicken with black beans and rice
• Tea

• Fruit Gummies

• cereal and milk

• fruit salad
• juice

• miso soup
• water


• Fancakes
• Fruits
• Strawberry smoothie

• chicken sandwich
• juice

• lasagna
• water

• Granola bar
A pregnant woman should wear comfortable clothes. They should wear clothes that are not too hot or too cold for them. The clothes should be light, nothing too heavy. Also, the clothing shouldn't be rough. Soft material would be the best.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5 Days of casual outfits
5 Days of work/professional/business outfits
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Pregnant women go through many changes when pregnant. They usually gain 25-35 pounds when pregnant. Mood swings are very common during pregnancy. mood swings are caused by fatigue, physical stress, hormones, or changes in your metabolism. A women's appetite increases a lot during pregnancy. That is simply because their baby's demand of nourishment as it grows. That's also why pregnant women gain so much weight while pregnant.
Changes pregnant women go through
Different options for childbirth.
There are quite a couple of options for childbirth. here are some:
Caesarean Section ( C-Section ) - This is a process in which the doctor does surgery to remove the baby. This process has a longer recovery time than normal delivery.

Water birth - This is a rare but very comforting process. the mother is to lay in a tub of water which is 90-100 degrees in temperature and give birth to her baby there. As soon as the baby comes out, it will be removed from under water and take its first breath.

Vaginal Delivery ( Normal Delivery ) - This is the most common method of childbirth. The recovery time for this process is not very long. Most people also have open options for pain relievers.
The End
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