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The Young Traveler's Gift

Intro to Quarter 3 novel

Samantha Arvesen

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of The Young Traveler's Gift

Intro to Quarter 3 Novel The Young Traveler's Gift Michael Holder... Christopher Columbus sits in a jail cell, contemplating the blur of events behind him and the bleak future ahead of him. Little does he know, it's about to get worse-- much worse. In the days to come, he's going to question his future and his very existence. And for once, he's going to get answers... President Truman Loved to learn about life
Smartest dude ever...seriously.
Was king for 40 years and basically built an empire full of temples, buildings, money, power.... everything-- because he was so wise!
King Solomon Fluent in 9 languages.
Civil War general
Had 5 brothers and sisters
Named after a guy whose motto was "don't give up the ship!"
Left his teaching job to join the war
Was injured 4 times, but returned to battle every time. Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Became a sailor at age 14
Was told "No" about his trip West for 6 years...
People back then thought the world was flat...
Through divine intervention, Michael will take a mind-bending journey through history to meet heroic figures from history. Wanted to be a rock star.... kind of
Huge glasses (coke bottle lenses)
Tons of random jobs
President by accident
Wife wouldn't sleep in the white house.
Made one of the hardest, most influential decisions in American history.
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/bonus-video/presidents-endwar-truman/ Claim to fame: Two women are fighting.... and he comes up with the most epic way ever to break up a fight. Claim to fame: When the union army was all out of ammo and super exhausted, he led his men in a bayonet charge to win the battle of Gettysburg. Claim to fame: Took a journey that he thought would take 2,500 miles, but in fact took over 10,000... but found land where no one thought there was land and found out you won't fall off the side of the earth... Anne Frank She kept a diary and she called it Kitty
Before she was moved into "the annex" she was a social butterfly and tried to make friends with everyone.
She was Jewish while Hitler was in power
Sent to concentration camp-- died at 15
Claim to fame: Stayed two years in a secret annex (800 sq ft) and kept a diary of her experiences. She always stayed positive, even through her death. http://www.annefrank.org/en/Subsites/Home/ Abraham Lincoln 1. Which famous person are you most excited to meet?
2. Why? He grew up very poor
Only went to school for 1 year, taught himself the rest
Extremely funny and always telling jokes, but also suffered from depression
First president to have a beard
First president to be assassinated
Claim to fame: Wrote the emancipation proclamation which said slavery was now illegal in the united states.
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