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What High School and Why

Olivia Mantero Grade 8

Student Shelton

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of What High School and Why

What High School and Why
By: Olivia Mantero

or Notre Dame?
My other High School option is Notre Dame in Fairfield.
A Big Choice
So, two great schools, one big choice. Hopefully I will make the right one and that school will support me in my future for whatever I choose. So I will keep deciding the pros and cons of each school, and probably by the time I graduate I will have made my choice
Sacred Heart...
The high school that i want to go to is Sacred Heat Academy in Hamden.
The reason that I would like to go to Sacred Heart is because I know alot of girls who either are in Sacred Heart or have a sibling or other relative in that school and they say it is an incredible school. I know that it is a close-knit community and to me, that is the most important aspect of a school.
Why this one?
The reason that i would also like to go to Notre Dame is because I have read through all of the classes and extra-curricular activities that this school has to offer and i have found that Notre Dame has all that i would like in classes, like spanish and English, and also extra-curricular activities, like basketball and drama club.
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