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Educational Technology

No description

Kirk Perris

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Educational Technology

Educational Technology: Developing a Critical Understanding
of its Relevance and Use in the Classroom

1) What is educational technology (edtech)?

2) How can edtech enhance learning for students?

3) Do you think edtech is
important for teaching in
your major discipline?
Why or why not?
Growth in Internet Use
Digital immigrants and digital natives in China
Trends in EdTech
Conlusions: Why use Edtech?
New forms of collaboration
Provide simulation
Provide opportunity for deeper learning
Teach more than
one subject - interdisciplinarity


My Assumptions
Learning Objectives
Questions, Trends, Ideas and more questions
Activity - Use an educational technology (edtech), "TitanPad"
Lessons learned
And it is undisciplined.”
(Fullan, 2013)"
"The digital life of students largely occurs outside of schools.
For BNU students to:
Develop a better understanding of "today's" students (elementary and secondary)
Re-think the relevance of using edtech
Collaborate to consider uses of edtech
Arrive at a more critical understanding of using edtech for learning
Presenter: Dr. Kirk Perris
Date: August 21, 2014
Beijing Normal University

Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants
Prensky: Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants (2001) - "Digital Immigrants, who speak a
language of the pre-digital age, are struggling to teach a population that speaks an entirely new language."
Activity: Instructions
Undisciplined Technology
1) Form groups of 4
2) Using
networked device (computer,
tablet or smart phone), log in at:
3) At the top right of the screen, enter the
name given to your group

Activity: Question 1

1) What kinds of edtech have you used at BNU?

(In your groups, type your answers in
Student Group Responses
Thank you
The hole is
or "learning"
The drill is the

that helps make the hole.
... not all drills will work the same way
Conclusions: Why use Edtech?
Be Purposeful
Know your students - and
assume they are
"Digital Natives"
Be reflective

Remember: Technology is
the drill
, not the hole. The
hole (learning) is what is
Activity: Question 2 and 3

2) How might you use Titanpad to teach in your major discipline?

3) Would you use Titanpad in the classroom or in the undisciplined environment outside of the classroom?
Lessons Learned?
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