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Fashion trends in Colombia

No description

Luis Miguel Suarez Escobar

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Fashion trends in Colombia

The clothing style in Colombia mainly depends on the city
Colombia Clothing Style
Colombians dress for the diverse weather conditions across the country
if I go to Cartagena and Medellin and then travel to Bogota, I'd better pack 3 different kind of clothing for each city’s climate
Bogota is the capital city of Colombia, the weather in Bogota is quite consistent all year round. The typical temperature hovers around 14ᵒC rarely rises above around 20ᵒC and falls below 5ᵒC, the city has quite a cool climate compared to other Colombian cities.
Fashion Trends in Bogota
Black and White Casual Dress
French Connection Jumper
French Connection Stripe Tee
Crochet Shirt
Daisy Print Camisole
Short Overalls
Oversized Biker Jacket
Opaque Tights
Short sleeved jacket
MANGO Pleated Trousers
Oxford Brogues
Slip On Sneakers
Nastygal Sunglasses
Printed Scarf
Modcloth Boots
The weather on the Caribbean coast is hot and humid; the temperature ranges from 24 to 33 in places such as Cartagena, Baranquilla and Santa Marta.
Fashion Trends in The Caribbean Coast
Tribal Printed
Maxi Dress
Embellished Playsuit
Aztec Bandeau Bikini
Drape Top
DrapeTie Dress
Fringed Waistcoat
Asymmetric Blouse
Maxi Skirt
Embroidered Kimono Cardigan
Denim Shorts
Printed Trousers
Hologram Flats
Neon Sunglasses
Lace-Up Canvas Sneakers
Thong Sandals
Style in Medellin is quite casual, becoming more stylish in areas such as Poblado and Tessoro, good advice would be to layer, adding and removing clothing according to the heat.
Fashion Trends in The Coffee Region
Sheer Panel Sweater
Seam Detail Tee
Floral Applique Top
Pinafore Jumpsuit
Satin Blouse
Daisy Jacquard Dress
Embroidered Kimono Jacket
Printed Trouser
Silver Brogues
Slip On Sneakers
Light, casual clothing that can be layered is the best choice for the amazon, because of the heavy rainfall and humidity clothes are hard to dry (jeans are a nightmare).
Fashion Trends in Amazonas
fabrics such as polyester and nylon are commonly use by them, for they get humid in warm weather
Drape Shirt
Daisy Trim Shorts
Stud Bikini
Printed Tank
Keyhole Tank
Short Sleeved Jacket
Banana Leaf Shorts
Cutout Sneakers
Jelly Sandals
Skyler Pants
Afro-Colombian women braid hairstyles that their African ancestors passed on to them.
During national festivals like the Carnaval de Barranquilla, Colombia's traditional fashions take center stage.
Trends During Festivities
La Pollera Colora("brightly colored skirt") is probably Colombia's most well-known national costume for women.
Turned hat: Handcrafted out of natural palm fibers using a traditional Zenú technique, these sombreros can be beautiful pieces of textile art, depicting religious scenes or everyday activities
Ruana: made of primitive, undyed wool. Something like a cross between a shawl and a Mexican poncho, the Colombian ruana is a wide swath of cloth wrapped around both shoulders, or wrapped around one shoulder and loosely draped over the other.
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