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Acquisition of food

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Acquisition of food

Tonkawa Indians
By Ava and James
Acquisition of food
The Tonkawa tribe ate bison, deer, and fish.
They lived in the Texas Hill Country.
Tools and Weapons
The tools they used were bow and arrows,clubs, and shields.
They lived in bison hide tents called teepees.
Women wore deerskin skirts and shawls made from rabbit fur. Men wore painted buffalo robes.
They made copper Jewelry, and hide paintings.
Tribal Roles & Goverment
Each band elected a chief to lead them and it is probable that during wars additional war leaders were chosen. After consolidation the Tonkawa's chose a tribal head chief.
Friends whould gather and form consentric rings around someone dying.

Also a piece of wood was tied to baby's heads shortly after birth.
The language the Tonkawa spoke is unknown.
Thank you for watching ! You were a great audience!!!!

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