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Cultural Wheel

Socializing Agents in My Cultural Wheel

Keenan Ganz

on 4 August 2016

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Transcript of Cultural Wheel

Print Media
The Arts
Peer Group
My family has helped me understand Age. My parents have contributed to this by providing me with example and guidance what I should expect at certain ages in my life.
School has helped me understand sex and gender as it was often portrayed what it means to be the male or female in society in early years of school.
School has also helped me understand ethnicity. In college I had classmates and friends of many different nationalities and backgrounds
Obviously church has impacted my religion and spirituality as it is the foundation of my religious beliefs.
My community taught me about social class. Growing up, your social class was dictated by where you lived.
My community also contributed to my understanding of location/region. The lake was a very big in our community and I spent many summer days there.
My neighborhood contributed to my understanding of disability as I grew up with a deaf neighborhood friend as well as two men who where handicapped in wheelchairs.
My peer group in high school contributed to my understanding of social status. Some kids were well liked and popular because of their wealth while others because of the person they were.
Electronic media has contributed to my understanding of racism. News, movies, and TV shows have provided a look at racism and the impact it has on the individual.
Sports have also contributed to my understanding of ethnicity as I have played and coached individuals from many different backgrounds.
Sports have contributed to my understanding of health. When competing in high school and college I was involved in strength and conditioning programs that taught me how to take care of my body.
The arts have contributed to my understanding of spirituality as many movies, songs, and artists have influenced my beliefs.
Print media has contributed to my understanding of health as I have always read health magazines.
My workplace contributed to my understanding of social status as I coached many individuals and their statuses within the team varied for a multitude of reasons.
Technology has contributed to my understanding of location and region by allowing me to learn about many places around the world without being there. For example my wife and I watched a show called Dual Survival which should different areas around the world and how to survive in them.
Keenan Ganz
Cultural Wheel
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