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A Picture of Dance

No description

Tessa Hart

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of A Picture of Dance

Senior Thesis

A Picture of Dance

By: Tessa Hart Dance Teaching Dance Dance Company Preparation:
continue training with Mrs. Pineda
recognizing dance is not just a gift but it is worship

God has given me the desire
Mrs. Pineda
my Parents God has given me the gift to dance so others may see and worship Him even more
break bondages in the Spirit
release a greater freedom in worship
~Dance~ ~Teach Dance~ I will use dance to bring an atmosphere of the prophetic
prophetic movements
dance that is led by the Spirit My calling in dance will be used in different countries
At the beginning of the year, part of Mrs. Willis' word was that our class would be ambassadors
This part of my calling was confirmed during my trip to Switzerland
Pastor Willis said in his message titled, "Visionaries", "God takes His pictures of our future then downloads that picture into our spirit. If we follow that picture we prosper in all we do. If we trade that picture in for an inferior picture of our own, we forfeit our manifest future. Did you see yourself doing what you are doing before you did it?"
Interestingly, when I interviewed Abbey Siegel, the Principal of Pacific Northwest Ballet, I found we had similar stories.
She never wanted to be a teacher but always wanted to be a professional dancer.
Her teacher asked her to assist her in the younger classes and secretly she fell in love with teaching.
Like me, she started by assisting a dance teacher when she was eighteen for the beginner level.
Now she is in charge of all the dance intructors at PNB, and is second in command to Peter Boal, the artistic director.
She had no professional training to become a teacher

After interviewing a number of dance teachers, I concluded that I do not need professional or college training to become a dance teacher. The ballet syllabus I am currently studying under Mrs. Pineda offers a teaching course.

The course will take two years to complete. I must pass at least one more RAD exam, the advanced 1 course. When I have received my certification from RAD, I will be helping start Christ Church Kirkland’s professional dance company. The financial aspect “Although it’s not something many artists look forward to, one of the most important parts of starting a dance company is figuring out how to make money—or at least earn enough to cover costs.” (Dance Teacher Magazine) fundraisers Government support out of my own pocket “You do not need degrees or certification to start a dance company. You do, however, need a business license, tax ID number, liability insurance, and any other permits your city might require.” (Atencio) To learn more about how to set up a company I can meet with those who have set up a successful dance studio and company and learn from experience. “Ballet Magnificat School of the Arts, opened in 1989 in their own studio. Ballet Magnificat Studios currently reside in a conveniently located, 12,000 square foot, air-conditioned facility housing four large, spacious dance studios with sprung marley floors, three music studios, and school and tour company administrative offices. More than 300 students are currently in dance and music classes.” (Ballet Magnificat 3) Currently I am assisting teaching a younger ballet class on Wednesdays and Saturdays
I am taking classical ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance
In the mission statement for the School of Prophetic Arts, Mrs. Willis said, “All reformations are preceded by the release of the next “dimension” in the arts.” ~My calling in dance falls in to the jurisdiction of the arts and entertainment.~ Dance can appeal to the flesh in a powerful way.

This is clearly seen in Matthew 14: 6-7, “On Herod's birthday the daughter of Herodias danced for them and pleased Herod so much that he promised with an oath to give her whatever she asked.”
"The dancing then in vogue in both Rome and the provinces, from its popularity under Augustus, was very like that of our modern ballet. The dancer did not speak, but acted some story by gestures, movements, and attitudes, to the sound of music. Masks were used in all cases to conceal the features, but all other parts of the body, especially the hands and arms, were called into action, and a skillful pantomimist could express feelings, passions, and acts with surprising effect. The dress of the performer was planned to show the beauty of the figure to the greatest advantage, though it varied with the characters represented" (Geikie) In the 2009 "So you think you can dance" aired a breast cancer dance and addiction dance.

The world is portraying problems through dance but they have no solution. They can show pain but they cannot show how to fix the pain.

My goal is to dance in a way that heals rather than highlights pain.
My calling will change the jurisdiction of the arts from self-centeredness to Christ centeredness.

I will not follow the patterns of the world in my jurisdiction, but I will follow the pattern of the kingdom arts.

The jurisdiction of the arts will be transformed in the church and in the surrounding culture.
God has given me the picture of dance. Within this picture is the vision to teach and create a Christian dance company. My preparation is vital to the success of my calling to transform the cultural jurisdiction of the arts. Physical Pitfalls:
Spiritual Pitfalls:
By: Tessa Hart Steps I've taken:
ballet lessons 5 days a week
participate in the Freedom dance ministry
Went with SPA to Switzerland to release the prophetic arts
discipled by my dance instructor
I never thought I would be called to teach
My desire to teach ballet has grown the past 2 years
Through ballet, I've seen Mrs. Pineda's joy of teaching
My mom used to teach ballet in our house
My dad has been teaching for 28+ years
Teaching is definately part of who I am
Steps Taken:
~Starting a Christian Dance Company~ THE END Key Preparation:
Attending SPA
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